10 Biggest Reveals From The New Thor 4 Trailer

The first trailer for Thor 4 is finally here and it is surely a surprise even to witness. This recently released clip features some of the best moments for the character and it is a clear indication of how awesome event the movie is going to be. It is not much clear from the clip regarding the plot of the movie except for some rather exciting details that it clearly references. Even though we are going to get a proper trailer in a period of a month based on the usual way trailers and teasers work for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans are surely going to explore every detail in this trailer. Let’s take a look at the 10 biggest reveals from the new Thor 4 Trailer.

Death Of A Close Character

Even though it won’t be surprising to see this happen but we might get to see Thor lose someone very close to him in the movie. Throughout the franchise, we have seen The God of Thunder lose a lot of people he considered to be close to him. But the teaser shows him planting the Stormbreaker on the ground in a fashion that appears to be like a headstone. As he walks away, one can clearly assume that this has something to do with the fact that the character will be at a loss.


God Killer

While there are a lot of fun moments in the teaser, a rather ominous moment also makes it into the cut. This scene features Korg and Thor looking at a massive dead creature. The scene clearly looks like something that was taken from the comics and that creature was definitely a god. It is surely an interesting look at what the god killer is going to do in the movie. The reference it makes is to the arc where Thor had to go through different moments in time in order to prevent Gorr from butchering gods.


Gamora is Not With The Guardians of The Galaxy

Even though it was already known, it was fun to see the Guardians of the Galaxy appear in the teaser for the movie. We might be seeing Thor going through some missions with them before they part ways in the movie. But fans might have missed someone in the teaser and it is none other than Gamora. A variant of her had managed to survive in the MCU and there was no clear indication of what might happen to her in the movie.


Mjolnir Restored

The leaks in the past few months confirmed how Mjolnir will return to the MCU. Even though Thor acquired it by going back in time, this time around we will see the original Mjolnir return. The pieces of the hammer, broken by Hela, have been put together to make it functional again. But it has still left us wondering how Jane managed to put together the hammer and then end up wielding it.


Pirate Thor

The new Thor 4 trailer

It is surely going to be so much fun to see Taika Waititi bring his absolutely crazy mind to work for the movie. The teaser is quite clear about this with a moment that features Thor in a pirate’s rendition as a woman with blue hair swings in at him and they share a passionate kiss. Even though the scene appears to be like a dream it still does not give us any hint at how it will fit the narrative of the movie.


Marvel Comics Homage

Marvel is known for sneaking in details wherever they could in order to make it a fun watch. The same thing applies to the upcoming Thor film as we get a clear reference to the original costume of the character from the comics. We see the middle version of Thor running with the costume that is comic book accurate. This costume for the character had first appeared in Journey Into Mystery #83, one of the most essential comics in Marvel History.


Flashback Sequence

Flashbacks are quite common in superhero movies but it is interesting to see that we will be getting a flashback from Thor this late into his arc. The scene might turn out to be something quite emotional considering everything the character held close as a child has probably been lost. In the very opening moments of the teaser, we see Thor running as a child and it slowly starts changing to an older Thor.



Even though we don’t get to see his face, Zeus shows up in the teaser as the god that we know him to be. He’s seen holding a thunderbolt in his hand as he is ruling over what seems to be Olympus. Fans are wondering if we will get to see Hercules in the movie too considering the character is one of Thor’s biggest allies.


Valkyrie Is Bored

Valkyrie also makes it into the teaser as she is seen wearing formals and appears to be in a council of sorts. This might have something to do with the management over New Asgard since she is now ruling over the place. But she appears to be disinterested in whatever is happening and it might be a hint that we might get a chance to see her warrior side once again in the movie.


Mighty Thor Is Right Out Of Comics

There was a lot of wonder regarding how Mighty Thor will look in the movie but it seems that the creators didn’t go very far from the comics. Jane Foster’s Thor stint is quite clearly the way that we had expected it to be in the movie. It is quite clear that even Thor is surprised by her appearance when she shows up wielding the hammer.

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