New Doctor Strange 2 Leak Spoils Another Variant Strange Appearance

The next big MCU project is going to be the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Fans are wondering when we will get to see some more insight into the project with each trailer revealing a layer of detail. The full-length trailer took things up a notch with the variety of details that it revealed about the movie along with interesting appearances the movie will be featuring. But since it’s only the trailer we can expect a lot more than we got to see in this trailer and it seems that is indeed going to be the case here. A new Doctor Strange 2 leak spoils the appearance of another variant called Supreme Strange in the movie.

Multiverse of Madness

Things got a lot more exciting than we might have expected to see with the latest trailer for Doctor Strange 2. It had become obvious that we were going to see a lot of exciting Multiversal moments in the movie. This was clearly based on the idea that Spider-Man: No Way Home gave us some of the best moments in MCU using the multiverse. Rumors were spread around that we will be getting to see characters from the Fox Marvel movies appear in the movie. It might have come true with the appearance of Patrick Stewart in the trailer. But another exciting new detail took things to a whole new level in the trailer.


The first teaser for the movie had revealed that we will be getting to see variants of Strange in the movie. This was clear with the appearance of a dark variant in the trailer which was being compared to the Superior Strange we saw in the Disney+ animated series What If…?. Another variant who was present in the trailer was Defender Strange and the next Super Bowl teaser would give us a proper look at him. But that’s not all considering another variant also ended up appearing in the latest trailer. Around the end of the clip, we saw Zombie Strange appear with the same variant for Scarlet Witch also being present in the trailer.


New Leak From Doctor Strange 2

A new line of Funko Pop figures promoting Doctor Strange 2 were leaked online. Of all the things figures present in it, one of the figures included was Stephen Strange variant that was titled “Supreme Strange“. This was quite different from the other variants and it noticeably didn’t have the Stephen Strange facial hair. It could be compared to the statue of Strange that we got to see in the trailer. A particular moment from the trailer of the movie shows Strange looking at a statue of a possible variant that had no facial hair and different attire.


The statue of the character could be an indication that he might have started the Illuminati but might have been killed in the narrative. It might be in honoring this variant. Some fans have started comparing it to some phase from the life of the anti-hero Strange variant in the movie. This was the one that we got to see in the Disney+ series What If…?, who would end up being a member of the Guardians of the Multiverse. The comparison is being done on the basis of the flared-up collars that we could see in the figure for this variant. Even though it looks kind of similar and shares the same title, it is still confusing. The last time we saw this Strange’s narrative we saw his universe being destroyed.


The color of his attire is also quite different from the What If…? appearance of the variant. A lot of other details make us wonder if this is indeed a variant that we might have had the chance to witness before. We can be sure that a lot of interesting things are going to end up happening in this sequel. While these are only the variants for Doctor Strange we will also be seeing the variants for Scarlet Witch in the movie. It is surely going to be exciting to see multiple renditions of the same character appear together in the movie. But this time around we won’t be sure which one to trust unlike the Spider-Men in No Way Home.


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be released in theaters on May 6.

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