Defender Strange Will Become Zombie Strange

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is in the midst of change. We are witnessing a revolution of thought and cinematic storytelling. Mutliverse of Madness will change the way we look at comic book movies. We say this because of the latest trailer of Doctor Strange 2. The super bowl TV spot and the new trailer are reminiscent of a comic book. It’s almost like we are witnessing the lead-up to a major comic event. Something that is slated to change everything. Like what Age of Ultron was supposed to be. We say this because the trailer has not one but three new variants of Strange and they are here to shatter our doors of perception. We even think that Defender Strange will become Zombie Strange.

What is the meaning of that statement? Well, there is a real possibility that all of these different Strange variants that we see in the trailer, including the one from the sacred timeline, are interconnected. Not just because they are the same person from different universes but also because they have the same fate. If you want to know more about their fate then you should read our theory on the fate of All Doctor Strange variants. But in this post, we want to talk about how all of them are destined to meet their doom while protecting the multiverse starting with Defender Strange. Defender Strange is the variant of Doctor Strange who is seen disintegrating in the super bowl trailer. We believe that his dark fate will be particularly gruesome.


Defender Strange Will Become Zombie Strange

Sam Raimi has stated before that he wanted to make Multiverse of Madness a horror movie. He seems to have accomplished some part of that with the story of Defender Strange in the movie. We call the Doctor Strange variant in a different costume who has a statue in The Illuminati, Defender Strange. This is also the same variant who is sucked into a vortex in the trailer. It is unclear where is he is or where is taken to but it is our guess that this Strange might be pursuing America Chavez in the multiverse on behalf of The Illuminati when he is sent flying through the vortex.


His fate could not have been worse for the next shot of the character shows him disintegrating in front of our eyes. This scene comes to us from the super bowl TV spot. If you look carefully then you can see that the Strange who is standing in the desert and who seems to be dusting away has the same costume as Defender Strange. Then there is the final scene of the TV spot where this costume is seen again but now the Strange variant who is wearing it has been transformed into a Zombie.


We speculate that the vortex that Defender Strange was sucked through exposed him to the Marvel Zombie virus and now he is on a mission to eat the Multiverse. But that is not all. Seeing as how there is also an Evil Strange in this and the previous trailer we can assume that there is something sinister going on in Mutliverse of Madness. Part of the reason for this is that all Strange variants are collectively responsible for the protection of the multiverse.


The Consequences

This theory has been widely known ever since the announcement of the Multiverse of Madness. But after watching the new trailer we are convinced that all Strange variants are meant to perish while protecting the multiverse. This is reinforced by what has happened to Evil Strange and to Defender Strange. We further speculate that Doctor Strange from the sacred timeline will try his best to ensure that he does not meet this fate. To this end, there is a possibility that we come very close to the end.


This can also be seen in the scene where he seems to be disintegrating while holding onto someone. But it is more likely that he will come out on top only after sacrificing more than what he bargained for. There has to be a long-lasting lesson in the movie. Let us know what you think about this down in the comments.

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