Will Riri Williams aka Iron Heart appear in Avengers 4?

Avengers 4 is going to be jam-packed, and yet again we get to hear about even more characters having an appearance in the film. Apart from the snap survivors, we know that the victims of the snap are also going to return, so that already shoots up the count of the Avengers. Rumour suggests that other dead characters like Quicksilver & even Yondu will be coming back. A recent leak has revealed that Pepper is also going to have her Rescue Armor, so that has us all wondering whether another female character in the name of Iron Heart is going to be in the film.

Avengers 4 Quicksilver

Now we know that it is highly likely for Avengers 4 to start with a Time Jump. That would mean that we would see the future of the MCU become the present, so it would be safe to say that we would have a certain peak at how the future of the MCU could turn out to post snap.

 Riri Williams Iron Heart Avengers 4

The movie is largely going to be about going back into the past in order to prevent the snap from ever happening. So, if the Avengers do manage to do that successfully, then they will have altered the timeline. That would mean that the future that we would have seen at the beginning of the movie will just become an alternate timeline.

Riri Williams Iron Heart Avengers 4

With Pepper donning the Rescue Armor, we could safely assume that she will be a part of the post-snap timeline instead of the new one. Now, this armor for Pepper could serve two different purposes. Pepper’s Rescue Armor could be an important story thread of the film as it gets to save Tony Stark and even get employed in combat, but apart from that, it could really test how an Iron Woman could work on screen.

Riri Williams Iron Heart Avengers 4

It has been reported in the past that a Riri Williams script is already out there. Marvel is actually developing an Ironheart movie post-Avengers 4. Phase 4 will welcome in some new characters along with the old ones as well. One of those new characters is suspected to be Ironheart.

Riri Williams Iron Heart Avengers 4

The Hashtag Show recently added the script of Iron Heart by Jada Rodriguez on The Black List (a list of Hollywood’s most popular unmade screenplays) and this gives us a major hint that the writer was actually commissioned by Marvel to come up with a draft which will decide whether the project will move further or not.

In the recent Marvel comics run, Riri Williams aka Ironheart is the successor to Tony Stark who is a young teenage prodigy that manages to reverse-engineer the Iron Man armor tech all by herself, while studying at MIT. Tony and Pepper are the ones who discover her talent and then Tony gives her an A.I. version of his consciousness which serves as her mentor and allows her to build her own armor which is then called “Ironheart.”

Riri Williams Iron Heart Avengers 4

Now with this script in play and Iron Heart getting a big push in the recent comics, we could assume that she is going to be the next big thing when it comes to the Iron Man mantle being taken forward. We can also theorize the fact that Marvel could actually put Riri somewhere amidst the plot of Avengers 4.

Riri Williams Iron Heart Avengers 4

It could be perhaps at the end when Tony retires and passes the mantle to Riri, or it could even be possible that Marvel could put Riri in the Rescue suit instead of Pepper. It is just a theory but it is surely a very Marvel thing to do.

The presence of Riri in Avengers 4 will cement her place in Phase 4 in the same way that the Civil War cemented the likes of Spider-Man and Black Panther. Phase 4 is going to bring in more diverse and female characters so, Riri could very well be the future. Let’s just wait for now, and see what happens in Avengers 4 when it comes out on May 3, 2019.

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Here’s the official Synopsis of Avengers 4:

“A culmination of 22 interconnected films the fourth installment of the Avengers saga will draw audiences to witness the turning point of this epic journey. Our beloved heroes will truly understand how fragile this reality is and the sacrifices that must be made to uphold it.”

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