Why Val Wants Hawkeye To Be Dead In The MCU???

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss made her debut into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Contessa Valentina de Fontaine and this character might have some big plans. We first saw her appear in Falcon and The Winter Soldier and ever since then she has had an ominous effect on her persona. The character might actually be planning to form her own villainous group of characters who will play their own role in the MCU. We recently got to see the effects of her works when Yelena appeared in the latest episode of Hawkeye. Based on what we have seen so far, Yelena is trying to kill Hawkeye. So that makes us wonder why Val wants Hawkeye to be dead for her Thunderbolts plans.

Contessa Valentina de Fontaine

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss’ character debuted in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in a very small role that appears only a few times around the end of the series. There was an indication that she might be working with a powerful secret organization and what we got to see was a part of her recruitment process. Wyatt Russell’s John Walker signs up as the U.S. Agent for the team that Contessa was forming. This was an indication that she might be trying to form her own team that seems to be quite parallel to the Avengers. 


This was only confirmed later when she made an appearance in the post-credits scene from the Black Widow movie earlier this year. This scene actually saw Yelena visiting Natasha’s grave when we see Contessa standing next to her. They communicate in a manner that clearly indicates that they might have some sort of a history and Contessa might have approached Yelena before. There is a chance that she might have signed up for Contessa’s team as Black Widow considering both Natasha and Yelena were Black Widows. But a rather significant scene shows Contessa showing her a photo of Clint as the Ronin and giving her false news that he had killed Natasha.


Why Val Wants Hawkeye To Be Dead?

Fans were wondering why Contessa might have shown this false information to Yelena who clearly was saddened by the loss of her sister. This might have meant that Contessa’s primary motive was to get Clint killed. We finally do get to see Yelena in the fourth episode for Hawkeye as she fights with Clint. The new teaser for the next episode indicates that Yelena will actually go on with her plan to kill Clint.


Considering Contessa is making her own team of characters who seem to parallel to The Avengers, it won’t be surprising to find that her primary motive is to get the surviving Avengers killed. Following the events of Endgame, only two members of the original Avengers team had survived – Hawkeye and Hulk. We got to see Bruce Banner in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and he seemed to be in his human form again. But we are sure that if Yelena went for him then she would have to face the wrath of Hulk. The same doesn’t stand for Clint considering she can find it reasonable that Yelena might be a suitable candidate to kill him.


Why Val Wants Hawkeye To Be Dead

There’s another possible reason why Contessa might have been keen on killing Clint and that is because of his works during his run as the Ronin. This is one of the major stories in the arc of Clint and it was a clear indication of the lengths that he might go to when provoked. Also, some of the people Ronin might have harmed might have been contributors to Contessa’s plans, and killing him would have been revenge. Clearly, killing him would actually mean revenge for the five-year-long massacres that were faced by the criminal underworld.


Fans might be saddened by the idea that Clint Barton might die in the series and this might be his final appearance in the franchise. There have been quite a few emotional moments in the series that have indicated the emotional weight that it carries. But there is also a chance that Clint survives as Yelena fails or does not go ahead with her emotion upon discovering the truth. Contessa is clearly forming something that is equivalent to Thunderbolts or the Dark Avengers and Clint’s death might ensure the fruition of this plan.


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