The Illuminati Will Form To Fight A Villainous Hulk in MCU Phase 5

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded to unprecedented areas. We have seen things grow from nascent stages with Iron Man to epic proportions in Endgame. Now, the MCU has taken it upon itself to introduce larger audiences to the concept of the multiverse. With Phase 4 kicking into full throttle with Spider-Man: No Way Home, it is time we talk about one of the most interesting characters who is yet to take the spotlight in the MCU. I am referring to none other than Hulk himself. There is a theory out there that suggests that the Illuminati Will Form to fight a villainous Hulk in the MCU.

But wait, Hold on just a second. There are a lot of terms in that last line that may not make immediate sense to an MCU fan. Mostly because we don’t know what or is an Illuminati in the Marvel verse. Moreover, we are also confused by the implication that the incredible Hulk could be the next villain in the MCU. Let’s break this down piece by piece and explain it to the non-comic book readers for easier understanding.


You see, Illuminati is not the same group we know from conspiracy theories in the real world. In the Marvel-verse they are an elite group of people who work to protect the world. The reason the group gets a bad rap is because of who is considered “Elite”. This group basically consists of the rich and the powerful and hence implies that the mantle of responsibility of protecting the world rests with the rich and powerful. Interestingly enough, both Iron Man and Steven Strange are a part of this group.


A Villainous Hulk

It is obvious that Tony Stark, as an industry leader, is the obvious choice, and similarly, no shadow organization can ever function without the sorcerer supreme. The other members normally include Professor X, Namor the submariner, and Reed Richards. If one looks at the roster then it is abundantly clear that all of these characters already exist in the MCU or are going to be introduced fairly early in the upcoming movies. But what will be the purpose of this group in the MCU and why would they even bother with the Avengers on the prowl.


Well, you see, currently, the Avengers are in disarray after the events of Endgame and the death of Iron Man, and the departure of Captain America from the team. They have no leader, no fight left in them, and no villain to combat. So it makes sense that they would want to rest in solitude. Hence, the mantle of responsibility to protect the world against an Avenger-level threat would fall to a group like the Illuminati in the upcoming phases of Marvel. The theory states that this group will be fighting a villainous version of the Hulk. So who is this version?


Well of course, we are talking about Maestro. For those that don’t know Maestro, he is a villainous future version of the Hulk with the intelligence of Banner who debuted in Future Imperfect #1. He has also been seen in stories like Battleworld and canon Avengers storylines. But he is important because we think this is where the current MCU Hulk is headed. Maestro is the result of Hulk becoming increasingly disillusioned with heroism because of his increased intelligence. This makes him cruel and almost unstoppable. It can be seen in the She-Hulk footage that Hulk’s arm is healed.


The Probabilities

This could be evidence to the fact that Hulk was irradiated even more than before. With Professor Hulk debuting in Endgame this seems to be pointing to Maestro debuting in the MCU very soon. It is possible that some cataclysmic event in She-Hulk or Phase IV leads to Banner absorbing even more radiation and transforming into the Maestro. This would be an Avengers-level threat that cannot be dealt with by the remnants of the superhero team.


So it would make sense to assemble someone like the Illuminati over the course of Phase 5 or 6 and slowly bring that charm back of the first Avengers. Do you think this theory is plausible or does it sound completely absurd? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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