Theory: MCU’s Blade Wants The Darkhold For a Spell That Kills All Vampires

Marvel Cinematic Universe’s last release, Eternals gave us one of the most exciting moments in MCU history with the cameo from Blade. The movie itself was filled with various issues but the various appearances in the end-credits scenes ensured the movie as a gateway to a whole new future for MCU. There were a lot of new characters that were introduced to us with this movie and it was surprising to see Mahershala Ali’s Blade would be amongst them. Similar to other upcoming MCU projects there is a lot of secrecy regarding the plot of the upcoming Blade solo movie. Fandomwire‘s theory surrounding the Blade movie suggests that Blade wants the Darkhold to get the Vampire killing Montesi Formula.

Eternals Post-Credits Scene

There was much excitement regarding the character of Kit Harrington’s Dane Whitman character in Eternals. Amongst all the characters there was something rather interesting surrounding the character of Dane Whitman based on his comic book persona. While the post-credits scene does confirm that he will stick to his comic roots, the scene had the presence of a whole new character along with him. This was none other than Mahershala Ali’s Blade who is soon supposed to get his own movie. Fans were surprised to hear his voice as a cameo in the movie and this increased the hype surrounding the character and his upcoming movie. Other than his association with Dane Whitman there is a chance that the character might have some more detail working on him.


The Darkhold

In the Marvel comics, a long time ago, Chthon, who is considered to be an Elder God, had written down all the dark spells that he had discovered and invented in some indestructible parchments. To make it more ominous the parchment was actually made of real flesh and these were actually later transcribed onto a tome of the codex type that was later called the Darkhold. This book is also known as the Shiatra Book of Damned and also called the Book of Sins by many cults and religions. According to the comics the Darkhold can be used to answer any possible question based on the various evil, dark, and corrupting magic but all of this actually comes at a price. 


Blade Wants The Darkhold

The Darkhold is actually responsible for the first Vampires in the Marvel comics. A lot of years after the Darkhold came to be, there was a war between Atlantis and Lemuria on Ancient Earth. During this war, the warrior Kull ended up killing the Lemurian Dark Sorceress Thusla Doom. This resulted in the latter’s followers known as the Darkholders using the Darkhold in order to resurrect a dying soldier named Varnae. Thus, Varnae ended up being the first living vampire and he ended up infecting the Darkholders in order to start his own legion. These actually ended up being some of the most commonly known enemies of Blade. The Darkhold was then bound into a book by Morgana le Fay during the Arthurian times.


Darkhold in MCU?

The MCU has already introduced the Darkhold as we saw that Agatha Harkness had somehow managed to come into possession of it in WandaVision. When all the other witches had tried to go against her she used the Darkhold so that she can actually turn the tables on them. According to the series, Harkness had the latest version of the Darkhold and now it has come into the possession of Wanda. The origin of the vampires narrative takes place when the war between the empires of Atlantis and Lemuria was taking place. According to theories, it has been said that we might have Tenoch Huerta playing Namor and this might be an indication as to how these events might be synched.


There are a lot of spells that are present in the Darkhold but one of the most interesting ones amongst these has to be the Montesi Formula without a doubt. This is actually the key that can be used to defeat the vampires. Based on the comics the book not only has the means to create vampires but also has the solution that would get rid of them for good. This spell was discovered by a monk named Montesi. But the spell also has one major drawback as it can be broken and thus every vampire affected by it can be resurrected again.


Blade Wants The Darkhold

The upcoming Blade movie will be the first MCU project that will introduce a vampiric character and based on what we know of the titular character, we will get to see a lot more of his kind. If that’s the case then we can be sure that he might try and reach Wanda and actually use the Montesi formula to kill his enemies. While this theory sounds too much based on the comics, there are elements here that might make for interesting plot points. Let’s hope we will get to see hints of this narrative in the upcoming projects that might also have some setting up to do for the character of Blade and his arc.

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