The MCU Secretly Planted Seeds For Blade In Eternals Well In Advance

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is an interesting piece of cinema. It is extraordinary in its approach, in so far, that it has created some of the most interwoven and intricate storylines in cinema history. One cannot judge the MCU as a single film, because it is more than the total of its parts. Consider the cameo of Blade in Eternals. To the casual fan, this comes as a surprise but to the Eagle-eyed fan, Mahershala Ali’s inclusion in the film was nothing more than the culmination of years of foreshadowing.

You see, Marvel has been laying the foundation for the induction of this character into this cinematic universe for years now. They have been sly about the entire escapade but it started near the end of Phase 3. When Marvel realized that they are going to need new characters to fill the gap of the ones who were going to be bidding adieu to the film franchise, they planted seeds for the future. One of these seeds was the lore of Vampires all throughout some late Phase 3 and early phase 4 projects.


This ensured that when the bloggers finally analyzed the post-credits scene of Eternals, the reveal of Blade would not surprise the majority of the fans. The shock of this reveal was even further dampened by the fact that Chloe Zhao admitted it was Blade in an interview and put all other rumors to rest. But what are the instances of foreshadowing that we are referring to? Take a look at our analysis below.


Blade In Eternals

There have been a lot of subtle hints to the existence of vampires in the MCU before this cameo of Blade in the post-credits scene of Eternals. It all started from Thor: Ragnarok when Korg mentioned vampires. Our favorite gladiator played by Taika Waititi called out the fans when he mentioned Vampires as some of the most formidable beings in the universe. Some fans thought he was joking considering the comedic tone of the movie but it turns out that the stone creature knew more than all of us.


The second hint for vampires in the MCU comes from people Loki. This series shined some light on the concept of the multiverse but it also brought to us a load of Easter eggs. One of these was the cross that was dispatched away in evidence. It was most likely to be logged as evidence for a case but it gave us more insight than usual. This cross most likely was a reference to vampires, not to mention Mobius’ claim that Vampires are real. Then there is also Taskmaster from Black Widow. It is speculated by fans that this character learned his sword-fighting skills by observing Blade himself.


Whether this is true or not is a matter of perception but it certainly showcases how adept Marvel is at their job. They create narratives that can expand one’s mind and create things that we could never dream of. Take a look at what they did with a simple post-credit scene. They foreshadowed an entire movie and two new characters that are adept with swords, not to mention a flurry of possible supporting characters for them. This is their power and this is what they have been doing for a while now.


The Future

The inclusion of Blade in Eternals is not exactly a surprise but it is a welcome change of pace. Not to mention the fact that there are so many new swordsman characters in the MCU now and Black Knight is one of them. The harmony that Black Knight and Blade will create in the next movie will be unlike anything we have seen up until now. This is mostly because swords have not been a big thing up until now.


Marvel Studios and MCU as a whole have been more focused on grandeur rather than close-quarter combat. The majority of MCU movie third acts encompass an overload of CGI and a lot of explosions. The frequency and the intensity of these explosions make you feel like you are in a Michael Bay movie but that is never truly the case. Hence we are pretty excited for a Blade movie. We hope it can bring back that flair of close-quarter intensity we saw in The Winter Soldier.

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