Did You Catch Mahershala Ali’s Blade Cameo in Eternals? Here’s When He Appeared

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a collection of interconnected stories that tell a bigger story. This cinematic Universe has set the precedent for how things should be in the movie industry. They let us peer into the possibilities of superhero team-ups on the biggest stage there is. MCU also continues to experiment with new things, as evidenced by Eternals. This movie is about the original superhero that comes to earth to protect intelligent life. But it won’t be an MCU movie if there weren’t future set-ups in here. Case in point, did you catch Mahershala Ali’s Blade cameo in Eternals?

I am not joking, Mahershala Ali was in this movie but you may not have caught his cameo because he didn’t actually appear on the screen. How do we know that without seeing him on screen? Let me explain it to you. Dane Whitman, the character who is dating Sersi in the movie has some relevance in the comics. He is actually a character known as the Black Knight. The blade that is whispering to him is known as the ebony blade. This blade was created by Merlin and is said to be wielded by the pure heart. When, in fact, the role of the blade is to be welded by the IMPURE of the heart. The blade seeks out the evil within oneself and accentuates it.


Blade Cameo in Eternals

The real question is, where would we get a pay-off for this set-up. This is where Mahershala Ali’s Blade Cameo in Eternals comes in. Right at the very end, during the post-credits scene, Dane Whitman is about to wield the Ebony Blade as it calls to him. This is when he hears a mysterious voice asking whether he was sure to pick up the sword. People were confused as to who this was as the screen cut to black right before he was revealed. But now we’ve got confirmation from the director that it was none other than Mahershala Ali’s Erik Brooks, aka Blade.

Eternals marks the first appearance of Blade in the MCU. You see, there was a time in the comics when Blade and Black Knight came together to hunt down vampires. During this time it was revealed that the ebony blade wielded by Whitman was actually a forgery created by Dracula himself. So the blade was vampiric in a sense. If this is also true in the MCU, then it would make the most sense that Mahershala Ali’s Blade would show up when this ebony blade is brought out of its hiding place.


The advent of Blade and Vampires in the MCU could mark the advent of horror storytelling in this universe. It would be a first for the MCU but would also be a welcome change. A story of vampires and swordsmen is exactly what we have been missing all these years. Let’s see what the next installment of movies holds. Did we miss something in this breakdown? Let us know in the comments below.

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