8 Villains Marvel Got Absolutely Right In The MCU

The MCU has been explored a lot now and there have been numerous villains in the movies and TV shows that we have seen till now. Some of those have been really amazing while others, not as good as we would expect. Here is a list of villains that were done justice by Feige and co.


Ultron was the deadliest villain Marvel has produced till now. From his look to his ultimate goal, Marvel just nailed everything. His motives were defined very well and if he would have succeeded in his plans, there would not have been anything left on Earth. This was a terrifying villain till now. Thanos will surely be the one to break this record.


None of the best villains think they’re villains — they are all the good guys of their own stories. This is certainly true for Cornell Stokes, also known as Cottonmouth. Though the character lacks any of the accouterments of his comic book counterpart, his nickname was perfectly explained and enough of a call-back to the original material to make comic book fans happy. Too bad he was not the main bad guy for the series.

Hydra (Films and Shows)

The most long lasting hurdle against SHIELD and the Avengers has been HYDRA. Starting from World War 2 and still surviving, it has totally lived up to its motto, “Cut off one head, and more shall take its place”. It is the evilest organization that has been portrayed in the MCU having many evil leaders like Red Skull, Alexander Pierce, Hive, John Garrett, etc.

Winter Soldier

Even though he is good now, he was Hydra’s biggest success as he was the perfect soldier for them. An evil super soldier who has survived for so long following the orders of the biggest criminal organization in the world and continuing to do their dirty work under cover. He was very brutal and there were more like him, who if unleashed could take down a country within a single day.


The best villains are usually portrayed as deep and conflicted. One of the best examples of this approach to villainy is the Kingpin from the Netflix Daredevil series. Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk is determined, damaged, sensitive and, when he needs to be, utterly ruthless. D’Onofrio has the physical presence to remind us of Fisk’s tangible strength along with being sensitive and caring.


The best villain on Marvel Netflix was Kilgrave. He was one of the Drakest villains in any Universe. We never really understand if he loves Jessica for real, or if his obsession is little more than the feelings a child has when there’s a toy he can’t ever own. The beauty of Tennant’s performance is then either interpretation is equally valid. The Purple Man’s power set was always potentially one of the most terrifying in all of the comic books, shown here with dark, sadistic glee.

Red Skull

He’s one of Cap’s most nefarious villains as the leader of Hydra. He was the one to give this big criminal organization a true beginning and if his intentions were fulfilled, the world would have been a land under his rule till now. Hugo Weaving did an amazing Job portraying the character and it was very close to the comics. We wish he gets to come back in Infinity War or Avengers 4 as he is surely alive somewhere in the MCU.





Tom Hiddleston is Loki. It’s nearly impossible now to think about Loki without immediately thinking of Tom Hiddleston. His performance brings out the evil and the charm of Loki, the God of Mischief. He has certainly been the best Villain marvel has had to offer that is why he is so heavily featured in the Marvel films. He was so great in Thor that he actually got to take on the Avengers in their first movie, and that performance was even better than the first one. This character portrayal was just perfect and it does not get any better than this.

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