Hawkeye Episode 4: Why Kate Bishop Did Not Kill Yelena?

Each episode of the Disney+ series Hawkeye is better than the other and is getting us more into the world surrounding Hawkeye. We now know some of the most essential details that play a significant role in making Hawkeye the way he is. The fourth episode actually saw him opening up about some things that we were fearing might have some adverse effects if disclosed. It is not surprising that one of the major events in his life actually comes to haunt him right around the end of the episode in the form of Yelena Belova. Belova actually fights both Kate and Clint and even Maya at times but there is one particular moment that has left us scratching our heads. We are left wondering why Kate Bishop did not kill Yelena in Episode 4 of Hawkeye but there is a possibility that actually makes sense.

Hawkeye Episode 4

A variety of events end up happening in this episode of the Disney+ series and one can say that it features a wide variety in the number of things that happened here. The show actually proved to be a massive success because it worked out one of the major theories making the rounds. There was a moment in the episode where we see Clint opening up about his arc with Natasha and Kate also figures out that he was the Ronin.


Later when the both of them go to investigate the watch that had been sold during the auction things take a whole new turn. Clint faces that he is being attacked by someone who he thinks could actually be Maya while Kate is fighting the actual Maya Lopez. All of the land on the same rooftop and share punches and kicks with each other. Maya escapes the situation after Kate manages to hit her with one of her arrows. When the other character who is revealed to be Yelena manages to put down Clint, Kate aims her arrow at her but she puts it down. This scene could’ve actually led to a fight between Kate and Yelena.


Why Kate Bishop Did Not Kill Yelena?

During the scene where Kate puts down her bow and arrow from shooting Yelena, we see some sort of communication between them. Yelena seems to have a very slight smirk on her face along with the small nod. This might have some explanation for why Kate stopped herself from shooting Yelena because this would have been due to some sort of understanding between them. Early when Clint was talking about his greatest shot, he mentions that it was the one that he missed and this was about Natasha. Kate might have imagined that this was exactly something she should do under this circumstance too. 


There are a lot of parallels present in this scene and it actually hints towards drawing inspiration from the past character who has been in a similar circumstance. Kate might have actually gotten into the footsteps of Hawkeye and considering Yelena has an error of judgment, Kate might have made the best move ever. Considering the future of the franchise we are aware that we might actually see Yelena and Kate team up much like Hawkeye and Natasha. This very moment could have been the thing that they would connect over as even Clint went against S.H.I.E.L.D.’s orders to kill Natasha.


Why Kate Bishop Did Not Kill Yelena

Another major parallel that we can see in this sequence is when Clint reaches out his hand upon discovering that Kate is falling off the roof. One essential detail in this scene is the fact that Kate actually gets saved because Yelena puts a rope out so that she can hang by the side of the place. This could also have been the very reason why Kate did not kill Yelena as the former realized that they didn’t really have anything against each other.


We will probably get to see a lot of this explored in the next two episodes considering the trailer for Episode 5 has indicated a lot more of Yelena. She will open up about her plans of killing Clint and we might get a chance to see Yelena being told the truth behind Natasha’s death. It would be awesome if Yelena is told this by Kate because maybe that will play out quite well for their bond.


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