Is The Kingpin of Hawkeye Different from Daredevil?

One of the biggest fan theories surrounding the Disney+ shows Hawkeye has finally come true. Fans were wondering when the MCU would integrate the Netflix Daredevil series. The series was one of the most beloved things that came out of Marvel but earlier this year Marvel head Kevin Feige announced any project other than the Disney+ show would not be considered canon. Fans were disappointed with that and started wondering what might be happening to Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin / Wilson Fisk. But things came true when we finally got to see Kingpin in the recent episode of Hawkeye. Vincent d’Onofrio’s Kingpin of Hawkeye finally appeared, and we were left wondering if this is the same version that we had seen in Netflix’s Daredevil

Kingpin of Hawkeye

There was a massive reference to Kingpin in the third episode of Hawkeye when we were exploring the past of the character of Maya Lopez. We got to see her uncle as said by her father who puts his hand on her cheek and Maya smiles. This was one of the biggest references to the character of Kingpin but fans were still wondering if it is true because there was no confirmation yet. Later in the episode, Clint mentions someone that the Tracksuit Mafia might be working for and he had a certain ominous tone about this character. 


But finally, we got to see Vincent D’Onofrio in the fifth episode as he appears to be the person who hired Yelena to kill Clint. But the link is made via Kate Bishop’s mother who seems to be working with Wilson Fisk. While it is not explained clearly and the episode ends right there. We were all wondering if either Kingpin or Daredevil will make an appearance in the MCU anytime soon and it seems both of them have made their appearances. Matt Murdock does end up making an appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home.


Kate Bishop receives a text from Yelena that actually makes the reveal about Kingpin and the texts go as follows:

Kate Bishop, I found out who hired me

Eleanor Bishop

Thought you deserved to know.


Is It The Same Kingpin?

The ending of the episode of Hawkeye shows a massive Kingpin graphic overshadowing both Kate and Clint and this might mean that we will get to see him in much more effective in the series. Fans are left wondering if the character of Kingpin is in continuation to the narrative that we had gotten to see in the Netflix show Daredevil. The character might have been introduced quite similar to the way that J Jonah James was introduced in the MCU with Spider-Man: Far From Home.


The hierarchy of the series indicates that it was Eleanor who had asked for Kingpin to hire Yelena to kill Clint. This was then followed by Kingpin asking for Val’s services to get Clint killed. This means that Eleanor might be the villain of the series and Kingpin might just be someone that was the mediator with some past connections to Clint as he told Maya.

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