Thor 4: New Cast List Teases The Return Of Valkyrie Warriors

The character of Thor has evolved over the period of the multiple Marvel Cinematic Universe projects we have seen him appear in. The character is mostly influenced by the familial moments that he shares with his own family members. MCU has always allowed us to see every dimension of our favorite heroes. This may include their flaws and how they work on these flaws to make themselves the heroes they are destined to be. Thor: Ragnarok was an essential part of the narrative of Thor, as it took a lot away from him and yet proved that he would be able to survive even in the absence of these things. It also introduced us to a nice set of characters, including the Valkyrie warriors. The newly releases casting list for Thor: Love and Thunder spoils the possible return of Valkyrie warriors.

Thor 4

Thor: Love and Thunder will mark the return of Taika Waititi in the franchise after he delivered us with the massive success that was, Thor: Ragnarok. The latter gave us some of the best moments in the MCU with an absolute fun ride. The fourth movie in the Thor series will make it the longest solo venture franchise. Fans couldn’t wait to see what we can expect from the film considering it has one of the most massive casts with some fresh faces. The movie is supposed to mark the return of Jane Foster as played by Natalie Portman. She was last seen in Thor: The Dark World and was indicated to have had a fallout with Thor in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Thor: Ragnarok. Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie will also be returning next to Thor.


There is a fair chance we might also get to witness Taika Waititi’s CGI character Korg making an appearance. Along with this, we will get to see the Guardians of the Galaxy who were last seen hanging around with Thor in Avengers: Endgame. New additions will include Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher and Russell Crowe as Zeus. Not only this but if one might remember the opera scene from Ragnarok, which featured cameos from Matt Damon, Luke Hemsworth, and Sam Neill as actors playing Loki, Thor, and Odin respectively. These actors will also make a return along with Mellissa McCarthy who will portray an actor who is in the role of Hela. 


Another Cast Member Detail

An interesting detail regarding an additional Valkyrie warrior has been revealed recently. A Twitter user by the name of @lovethundernews pulled out a casting list for Thor: Love and Thunder and found that there might be another interesting addition to the warriors in the movie. These warriors have been an essential part of the Asgardian lore.


Return Of Valkyrie Warriors

This listing from StarNow showed that Vivian Tung, who is an Australian fashion and accessories designer, will be an extra in the role of a Valkyrie/ Asgardian in the movie. It will be interesting to see how she’d relate to Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie in Love and Thunder

The Plot

Even though plot details for the movie haven’t been released yet there are hints on the basis of what was indicated in the ComicCon panel for the movie. According to that, the majority of the movie might focus on Jane Foster’s transformation into the role of Mighty Thor. At the same time, they might also deal with the arrival of Gorr the God Butcher. But the addition of another Valkyrie leaves us wondering what we might expect regarding the team of warriors in the movie.


The Return of Valkyrie Warriors?

Return Of Valkyrie Warriors

It was revealed in Thor: Ragnarok, that Hela had managed to kill every one of the Valkyrie warriors except for Tessa Thompson’s Brunnhilde. There is a chance that the addition of another Valkyrie might mean that we might get a proper dive into the battle that led to the loss of the lives of the Valkyrie warriors. This could work as a flashback for Brunnhilde as she faces dire circumstances. But at the same time, this could also mean that Brunnhilde was not the only survivor under the wrath of Hela. Let’s hope the movie manages to give us some insight into the world of the Valkyrie warriors.  


Would you like to see the return Of Valkyrie Warriors in Thor: Love and Thunder on May 6, 2022. Let us know.

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