How Fat Thor Will Be Fixed In Thor: Love and Thunder

Fat Thor was introduced in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame and it has been a running gag since. It has also been a center of criticism among some fans. Some even accuse the MCU developers of using Thor as a fatphobic joke. However, all these problems can be fixed in the upcoming Thor: Love And Thunder. How Fat Thor will be fixed in the film? Well, he’ll have some help from the frickin’ Guardians of the Galaxy.

Thor: Love And Thunder is in the post-production stage and will hit the theatres on May 6, 2002. And it will mark the beginning of a new Thor in the MCU. The movie will feature the passing over the mantle of the God of Lightning to Jane Foster, Thor’s ex. But what fans want is to see 2017’s Thor again. In all his glory, Thor: Ragnarok’s Thor was the best version of the Odinson. And after the events of Avengers: Endgame, fans want the creators to ‘fix’ Thor’s fatty problems. And we have a theory that Guardians of the Galaxy will play a major role in the process.



Avengers: Endgame Fat Thor Marvel

During two movies (Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War), Thor lost his father, his home, his brother, and his best friend. The only thing that got him going was the feeling of revenge. And the failure to kill Thanos before he wiped half the population of the universe had him at the edge. He still thought that he could find and kill Thanos and bring back the world’s population. But the revelation of the destruction of the Infinity Stones was the final shove to his descent into depression. His mental health took a hit and he devoted himself to a life of eating, drinking, sitting and playing ‘Fortnite’ continuously. So, Thor’s transformation did not come across as much of a surprise.


By far, we know that Thor cannot lose his weight naturally and he will have to work out to be his old self again. But the recent Thor: Love and Thunder set photos revealed that Chris Hemsworth will not be wearing a fat suit anymore. And we think that this is Marvel Studios trying to fix their ‘cheap’ gag. As we have seen in the last 13 years, Marvel will handle this weight-loss journey with precision and delicacy. Now that you are up to speed, here is our theory as to how Thor’s reverse transformation can happen in the MCU. But first, let us see how Thor fits in the Guardians of the Galaxy and how they can affect his journey from fat to fit.



Guardians of the Galaxy franchise is a comedic aspect in the wide-ranged MCU. All the members of the team are far from perfect and that is the best thing about them. The characters are known for their sarcastic one-liners and quirky comebacks, the best one being ‘I am Groot’. The Guardians usually mock each other for their appearance and this might be the push that Thor needs to overcome his recent ways. In Avengers: Endgame, we all saw Rocket Raccoon reducing Thor’s problem to a mere joke. However, the Guardians are not just about this broken sense of humor. If you look at the big picture, no one has transformed physically or mentally more than each member of the Guardians. Guardians represent the quote, ‘You can always do better.


From the beginning of their journey, every Guardian was a thief, a criminal, or a murderer. And the sad part is, they all walked this path because of a major loss(es) in their past. They were all coping with these losses with petty crimes which deviated them from the bigger picture. And that makes Thor similar to them, minus the crimes (if you don’t consider giving death threats to a video game player a crime). After the events of Thor: Ragnarok, Infinity War, and Endgame, Thor was pretty deep in his remorse, guilt, and the grief that followed. Thor could find the kind of support he is looking for in this ‘Bunch of Jackasses’.


Avengers: Endgame Fat Thor
Avengers: Endgame Fat Thor

Marvel has confirmed that Thor’s obesity is a symbol of his ‘state of mind’. He can about the things he went through and overcome his mental trauma. As the Ancient One said, you don’t defeat your demons. You rise above them.’ And Thor rising above his demons might ‘fix’ Marvel’s fat Thor problem.


Ever since the Guardians decided to take Thor in their ship, there was tension between Peter Quill (Star-Lord) and Thor’s character. This tension seems understandable as they both are alpha males and have a superiority complex. Star-Lord’s vulnerability was evident when he saw his teammates referring to Thor as a ‘MAN’. He got jealous when Gamora touches his biceps. He even tries to imitate his heavy voice just to prove that he, too, is a ‘man’. Even after 5 years, Peter was insecure all over again when Thor tried to rename the group as Asgardians of the Galaxy.


Another thing that made Peter feel insecure was how ripped Thor was. And now that Thor was all fat, Peter would’ve felt great. But if Thor were to lose weight for the upcoming movie, then Peter could compete with him. Heck, we might even see them asking Nebula as to who got more jacked, as Gamora is currently AWOL. But if we get to a serious note, Quill could help peter overcome the loss of his parents like he did. Even though it is unlikely, they might even start their journey together. And judging on the fact that Hemsworth was spotted wearing a sweatband in a set photo, this theory might be true.


Overall, Thor: Love Thunder is going to be a blast. The movie will be long as we see Thor going through a crucial phase. Other important sub-plots will include Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster becoming the new Goddess of Lightning. Rumors suggest that we might also see Tessa Thompson’ Valkyrie find herself a girlfriend. Even though fans want to see Thor meeting Loki in the upcoming movie, I would say it is pretty unlikely.

Thor: Love and Thunder hit the theatres next year on May 6. Bounce some of your plot theories over us below in the comment section.

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