20 Fan Reactions For The Flash Movie From Twitter

In a major turn of events, we recently received the first sneak peek at The Flash through DC FanDome. It was probably one of the major highlights of the event. But the fans were really confused and everyone needs to know what the hell is really happening over here. Check out the fans reactions to The Flash movie from Twitter:

1. True!!


2. Amazing!

3. Screaming!!


4. The Detail!

5. Welcome!!


6. Absolutely!!

7. Totally!!


8. Love It!!

9. Wow!!


10. And He’s Back!!

11. Epic!!


12. Fantastic!!

13. Mind-Blowing!!


14. Get Nuts!!

15. Haha!!


16. Classic!!

17. Woah!!


18. Perfect World!!

19. Oh No!!


20. Can I?

Did you relate to these Reactions for The Flash movie? What were your thoughts after the first trailer? Let us know in the comments.

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