20 Fan Reactions To All DC FanDome Trailers

There are some important moments from this year’s FanDome event considering some details revealed about the projects. Surprisingly teasers from some shows and films also made it to the event. This was rather unexpected considering most of these projects were supposed to be still under production. It is very clear that the event was supposed to serve the fans with most of the content. Here are some fan reactions to all DC FanDome trailers and the whole event:

1. Insanely Awesome!


2. This Could Be Amazing!

3. Wait, What!


4. So Cute!!

5. LOL!!


6. Fantastic!!

7. Wonder Woman 3 Confirmed!!


8. Incredible!

9. Absolutely!


10. Can’t Wait!!

11. Goosebumps!!


12. Amazing!!

13. She Is Coming!


14. DC Calendar!!

15. Woah!!


16. LMAO!!

17. Haha!!


18. This is A Lot!!

19. Totally!


20. Costume Reveal!

Did you relate to these fan reactions to all DC FanDome trailers and the whole event? Let us know your reactions in the comments.

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