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7 Reasons Why Hawkeye Should Have Sacrificed Himself In Endgame

MCU’s Avengers: Endgame concluded the 23 film story arc in 2019. It has been named as one of the best MCU films of all time. The film saw the end of a few characters. One of them was Black Widow. She and Hawkeye went to Vormir to get the Soul Stone. But it needed a sacrifice. Now, these were the superheroes who never cared about their own life. Here, Black Widow lost her teammates who were like a family to her. She sacrificed herself to get the stone. Ultimately this led to backlash as well as made a few others emotional. Now let’s see why Hawkeye should have sacrificed himself instead of Black Widow.

Hawkeye Should Have Sacrificed Himself

1. Black Widow didn’t deserve to be Sidelined

Black Widow has been the only woman on most of the male superhero team. Others got their standalone films but she did not. Marvel Studios assured MCU fans that there will be a standalone Black Widow film but that did not happen for a long time. Her character has been sidelined in most of the films since her debut. She has been narrative support for the plotlines of her male teammates and emotional support for their character arcs.

2. Hawkeye could have redeemed himself

Hawkeye was not convinced that retrieving the Soul Stone will work. He thought that it had a minor chance. He had a chance to get his family back but redeem himself for what he had done in the five years since their absence. He became a vigilante by murdering criminals on the streets and ceased to be a superhero like he was once, considering the Avengers who kept their integrity. Living with the regret of his past mistakes, Hawkeye could have found redemption in the eyes of his family, team, and himself.

3. Natasha and Bruce Could Have been together

Hawkeye Should Have Sacrificed Himself

Initially, in most of the MCU movies, Natasha was semi-flirtatious with many male members of the team. Tony Stark confessed his love for Pepper Potts and Steve Rogers has been always in love with Peggy Carter. Now Bruce Banner became a perfect contender for Natasha’s affections. Their relationship was explored in Avengers: Age of Ultron but Banner could not make any commitments because of the uncontrollable nature of The Hulk. Natasha said that she would run away with him if he ever thought of leaving behind the Avengers.

4. Black Widow has been entirely in charge for five years

Since the Snap, the Avengers did a lot of things to cope with the aftermath of losing half of the world’s population. Captain America continued the PTSD support group and War Machine protected various parts of the globe. Tony Stark decided to live an un-playboy life in a remote cabin by the lake. Black Widow maintained her position at Avengers Headquarters. She was the first line of communication for survivors who have been normally speaking with someone like Nick Fury. She might have put her fighting abilities to rest but she had other things to take care of apart from Hawkeye, who was being a vigilante renegade.

5. Hawkeye loved Black Widow

The interactions of Hawkeye and Black Widow in the movies show a camaraderie that is possible only by sharing confidences and learning to trust each other in extremely volatile situations. According to the comic books, Hawkeye helped Natasha leave her life in the Soviet Union behind and they worked together on several missions. It was hard for Clint to walk away from Natasha after he lost his family. He was consumed by rage and survivor’s guilt. He couldn’t be honest with his feelings and up turning away from the one person in life who was alive and also understood him. He shouldn’t have let the person die who gave him a second chance.

6. Hawkeye’s semi-retired

Hawkeye Should Have Sacrificed Himself

Before their trip to Vormir, Hawkeye was slaughtering drug cartels and gang members all around the world. It was the purpose of his life to balance out the injustice of his family being taken from him while murderers continued to thrive. But Black Widow was less selfish and her purpose was to keep the lines of communication open between all superheroes alive at the Avengers headquarters. But before the Snap, Hawkeye was seen on his farm in Iowa when the Avengers needed him the most. If she had not died, Black Widow would have done more for the people.

7. Hawkeye put his family at risk

Hawkeye lost his family in the Snap. His wife and children were gone and he was the only survivor. He could not find Thanos and took out the frustration and pain on the villains that were not killed by Thanos’ use of the Infinity Stones. While the Avengers were successful in undoing the destruction caused by Thanos, Hawkeye’s family returned to him. But he couldn’t erase the past five years where he killed a lot of criminals. Those who were alive will surely come looking for him and his family for their revenge.

Do you agree with the fact that Hawkeye should have sacrificed himself, or do you think Black Widow’s sacrifice was justified? Let us know in the comments.

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