MCU’s Fantastic Four Will Directly Start Off With Franklin Richards

Fantastic Four to start off with Franklin Richards:

The great thing about the MCU is that they manage to keep everything fresh and unique. Spider-Man was totally revamped. We weren’t given the same treatment that we had been getting in the past few Spider-Man movies. We didn’t see him getting bit by a radioactive spider. Instead, he straightaway started off as Spider-Man, and Tony Stark helped around by making his suit even more advanced & cutting edge. It seems that Marvel will handle the Fantastic Four in a similar fashion. This team might actually start off as a family, already having gone through their origins.

Joss Whedon isn’t Directing Fantastic Four

Fox has had 2 shots at the Fantastic Four origins and they failed with both their attempts. We originally assumed that the MCU will give them a different backstory. In fact, it has been a matter of great importance for people who have been trying to predict how the Fantastic Four will get their powers in the MCU. Since it isn’t the same as Peter getting bit by a Spider, Marvel surely has to address it by showing us. But according to a new rumor, we shouldn’t expect this right from the start because this team will directly start off with their powers. Moreover, they won’t just be the Fantastic Four, but they would be a family.

Fantastic Four start off with Franklin Richards

A new scoop from industry insider Mikey Sutton (via Lords of the Long Box) states that the Fantastic Four will technically start off with 5 members. Here’s what he wrote:

“The Fantastic Four are a family, and that means more than just a husband, a wife, a brother and a best friend. In the MCU, Kevin Fiege wants a fresh look at the Fantastic Four, one that pays homage towards comic book roots, by adding new polish to what Fox had initially attempted, but failed in a lot of people’s eyes. According to my sources, there will be no waiting for Franklin Richards, Reed and Sue’s young son. The current plan is to have Franklin already with them in the initial movie onwards. Immediately the FF will look different than any other super team in live action as they have a kid, a child with extraordinary powers himself. Marvel Studios will then like to spin off Franklin for a Power Packs series on Disney+.”

Well, this could be huge! Franklin Richards is a major character in the comics. One would’ve thought that it would take quite a long time for the MCU to bring him in and have him crossover with the other characters. But apparently, he’d be there from the first movie of the Fantastic Four, and he will be the reason why the composition of the Fantastic Four will feel so different and fresh. (A 100 bucks says that the story of the first film might revolve around him.)

Fantastic Four start off with Franklin Richards

This rumor about FF falls right along with the Power Pack rumor that has been floating around the internet since December 2018. Back then, Roger Wardell tweeted that Marvel will be doing a Ms. Marvel series and a Power Pack series on Disney+. Ms. Marvel became a reality, and in 2019, Daniel Ritchman once again reported that Power Pack will happen. So, the question that stands for Power Pack isn’t about the “if,” but rather, the “when.”

The members of Power Pack include Alex Power/Zero-G, Julie Power/Lightspeed, Jack Power/Mass Master and Katie Power/Energizer. Their adventures have crossed over with the son of Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic) and Sue Storm (Invisible Woman), Franklin Richards in the comics. So, it’s quite understandable that Franklin Richards will have a major involvement in this series. Hence, the scoop from Mikey Sutton seems very true.

Fantastic Four start off with Franklin Richards

Furthermore, this scoop also makes one long running theory of the Fantastic Four relevant. We’ve covered a theory which suggested that the Fantastic Four have actually been stuck in the Quantum Realm city for a long time, and that’s where they got their powers from. This theory might become canon to the MCU because it will allow the team to already have their powers & in fact be a family with Franklin Richards as well. Let’s see how things go.

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