5 Mystic Things From Guardians of the Galaxy That MCU Doesn’t Talk About

Guardians of The Galaxy is probably one of the funniest superhero flicks of all time. But the comics, not so much so. There are a lot of dark things which the films have made light. Here are some such things listed:

Groot’s “I Am Groot”

Rocket and Groot could be in GROOT MOVIE SPINOFFGroot is the cutest thing about the Guardians Of The Galaxy series right? And his cute catch phrase “I Am Groot” looks so cute when in a baby voice, ha? Well, Groot actually used to speak, but got a genetic disease because of which his words now have just been limited to “I AM Groot” Still cute? We think more like sad.

Rocket’s Background

While we see that Rocket’s background is shown to be a bit sad in the films, it is more so in the comics, not only was he just experimented on but was used as an object, he was there just to keep mental patients t an asylum company. Still, think him being angry is too much?

Drax’s Daughter

While in the films we know that Drax’s daughter is killed by Thanos, in the comics too Drax is under this impression, his daughter was taken by Mentor, Thanos’ father and made into a warrior. Drax is not yet told this, not even earlier and because of this, he agrees to become the Destroyer in order to kill Thanos.

Quill’s Dad

Guardians of The Galaxy

Nope, we aren’t talking about Yondu, not even Ego, who even was pretty bad, but Peter’s father in the comics was someone even worse. He didn’t only impregnate Peter’s mother but also left her and later murdered her. Also, he’s a king of another planet and is famous for killing his cosmic allies.

Groot’s Origin

Guardians Of The GalaxyGroot’s origin was at Planet X, that actually is the name of the planet. When he first came to Earth, he set foot on the planet in order to conquer it. Later it was told that he was greatly misunderstood, not just that he also looked very different from what he looks now.

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