20 Cute Pictures of Tom Holland And Zendaya You’re Going To Love

Tom Holland and Zendaya play Spider-Man and MJ in the Spider-Man movies and they are the love interests of each other in the MCU. We loved the chemistry between them and at one point in time fans wanted them to be in a real-life relationship, but they are not dating. Some would say they are the new Tony Stark and Pepper Potts of the MCU. Check out these cute Pictures of Tom Holland And Zendaya together:

1. Cute!!

2. Shopping Together!!

3. Pose Queens!!

4. Aww!!

5. Haha!!

6. Totally!!

7. Oh Yeah!!

8. Best Moments!!

9. The Way He Looks At Her!!

10. Lovely!!

11. Haha!!

12. So Tall So Small!!

13. Here’s The Queen!!

14. Exactly!!

15. Perfect!!

16. Fun Times!!

17. They Should Date!!

18. Best One!!

19. Photoshoot!!

20. Adorkable!!

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