5 Things About MCU Spider-Man That Tobey & Andrew Would Be Jealous of

It is more or less confirmed by now that Tom Holland won’t be the only Spider-Man in his 6th MCU outing. The Homecoming threequel is finally going to make every Spider-Man fan’s wildest dreams come true. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are possibly returning as the Spider-Men of their respective Universes. Coming in, they might be impressed, and maybe even jealous of the luxuries that the MCU Spider-Man has enjoyed over time.


I mean, the latest version of Pete has got a very hot Aunt May that all of us have loved. But that’s not something which should make the other two Spideys jealous. At most, it would surprise them. But, the following elements of Holland’s Spider-Man could surely make the other ones from Sony’s Spider-Verse jelly:

Stark Tech

The greatest upgrade that Spidey got in the MCU was his suits, which were backed by Stark technology. Even his Homecoming suit could surprise both of the other Spider-Men. It can literally be worn by an individual of any size since it shrinks according to its wearer. It has Karen as its own in-built A.I., and she comes in very handy during battle. She helps Peter shoot different Web combinations as well as fight in different combat modes. It’s crazy that Tony added an Instant Kill mode in a 15-year old’s suit. But the feature did come in quite handy during Avengers: Endgame.


This suit further allowed Peter to shoot Taser webs & other kinds of web bombs. It has a parachute, an instant body warmer, a utility belt that carries extra webbings, a GPS tracking system, 2 web wings, and a Spider-Drone that comes with a camera & a voice transmitter. The other two Peters had to do everything manually. They could have achieved so much more if they had even half of the aforementioned gadgets in their suits.

I bet that at least one of those two is going to faint once they witness the Iron Spider suit. It certainly carries the kind of technology that they wouldn’t even have imagined, let alone seen! Besides the suit, MCU’s Peter Parker carries the EDITH glasses, which provide him access to an infinite amount of data in an instant! And, he could even call in his own drone army with those glasses. The MCU Spider-Man could certainly show off with all his tech.

He’s Not the Only Superhero


Thanks to Sony, both Maguire and Garfield’s Peter Parker were the only superheroes in their Universes. It is possible that more heroes could have emerged in those universes as well. But we don’t really think that this would have been the case. Those two Spideys had to bear the burden of being the only American Superhero. But here in the MCU, Peter Parker has got a lot of company. He is a part of the Avengers, who can literally take down any team of Supervillains across the galaxy. Tobey or Andrew’s Peters would have loved to be among the Avengers.


More than anything, MCU’s Peter has had great support from several mentors. He may have lost uncle Ben off-screen, but Aunt May is very supportive of his Spider-Man ways. He had the belief of Tony Stark, the greatest of all mentors. Happy Hogan is another pseudo father figure in his life. Even the fake Nick Fury may have motivated him a tiny bit. And now, he will have Doctor Strange as his guide.

Looking at the mentors that the MCU Spider-Man has had, the other two will certainly be a little envious That’s because their mentors turned out to be supervillains. Doctor Octavius was taken over by his own creation. And, Doctor Curt Connors turned into a freakin’ Lizard! One of MCU Peter’s mentors also turned out to be a villain. But he has had so many others guiding him that Mysterio’s villainous turn doesn’t really matter in this case.


More than mentors, Peter actually has very close friends of his age. And, these are the kind of friends that Peter could really count on. Ned is his guy in the chair and MJ is his girlfriend. Ned made the biggest sacrifice for Peter by telling his teacher that he was looking at a porno :P! Anyway, my point is that Garfield and Maguire’s Peter Parkers were just loners.

Maguire’s Parker had Harry Osborn as his close friend, but he turned into a villain. He did have a heroic turn, but then he died. Garfield’s Parker only had Gwen as his close friend. Harry Osborn came in as his friend but he turned into a villain as well. What’s worse is that he actually became the reason for Gwen’s death. So, these two Spideys could feel a little envious of the close relationships that the MCU Spider-Man has.

Holland’s Spidey Has Been To Space


It’s crazy that both Maguire and Garfield’s Spider-Men have only stuck to New York. Holland’s Spider-Man has been far from home quite a few times. He is an Avenger. Besides New York, he has fought in several European countries. And most importantly, he has been to a whole new planet, having traveled in an alien spaceship! Even though the other two Peters will come in as very experienced heroes. Their experiences might not be even half as crazy as the ones that MCU’s Spider-Man has had.


But all this jealousy aside, I’d like to say that there’s one thing that will be common amongst all three Spider-Men. And that is their pain. They have all lost things in life. Tobey’s Pete lost Uncle Ben and Harry Osborn on screen. With the years that have passed, even Aunt May might have died off-screen. After losing Uncle Ben, Garfield’s Pete lost the love of his life.

The MCU Spider-Man recently lost his father figure, Tony Stark. Before that, he was dead for 5 years. And now, he is suffering from an identity crisis as Mysterio revealed his big secret to the entire world. This is the kind of situation that Garfield and Maguire’s Peters certainly won’t be jealous of. But still, all three of them could connect with their sufferings.

Anyway, tell us what other things would the two multiverse Peters be jealous of when they meet up with the MCU Spider-Man?

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