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The Suicide Squad Theory: The Killer of Starro Has Already Been Revealed

Harley Quinn might be the one to put down Starro in The Suicide Squad. DC’s cinematic future is looking bright with The Batman, Black Adam, and The Flash holding much promise after years of divisiveness and director’s cut controversy. But the first here is The Suicide Squad. 2016’s Suicide Squad has been a critical low point for DCEU. Now, James Gunn’s upcoming follow-up shows a fresh start more than being a direct continuation.

The likes of Harley Quinn and Rick Flag return. But Task Force X is mostly refreshed. It has Bloodsport, Peacemaker, Ratcatcher II, and The Thinker joining along with a host of other new characters you might not get attached to. The trailer of Suicide Squad introduces these characters. But it also reveals the surprise villain – Starro. It is a giant world-conquering starfish from outer space. It is the freaking kaiju that seems to be the main threat of The Suicide Squad.

The footage does not show much of the final fight against Starro. But it is not instantly obvious how a crop of B-list villains would defeat this Justice League-level enemy. How Task Force X deals with Starro is getting saved for the finished film. But The Suicide Squad trailer offers a potential clue about who will deliver the finishing blow and it is not important who you would expect. Harley Quinn is definitely the most recognizable character in this lineup. Harley Quinn is not the strongest when it comes to superpowers, skill set, or arsenal. But she has routinely proved that she is not to be underestimated. According to that, it suits that she can save the world from Starro.

Theory: Harley might kill Starro

If Harley’s new weapon is the Spear of Destiny, she might snatch the item from Corto Maltese’s evil dictator, Silvio Luna. The Suicide Squad’s trailer doesn’t show properly why Harley is captured alone and the other members of Task Force X escape. Maybe Harley learns that Luna possesses the Spear of Destiny and deliberately allows herself to be caught so that she can liberate it from him. Harley possesses the confident recklessness to pull off such a scam.

But the DC Comics’ Spear of Destiny was at first discovered in modern times by Adolf Hitler. Since The Suicide Squad will take place in the present, this makes sense for another dictator to have uncovered it. Finding the Spear of Destiny will also explain why Waller considers Luna a grave threat and assembles her Suicide Squad against him. After nabbing the Spear of Destiny, Harley Quinn will carry the weapon through to the final battle against Starro. This has been confirmed in The Suicide Squad’s trailer.

The Spear of Destiny makes Harley Quinn more important

If Harley Quinn is running around with the Spear of Destiny in The Suicide Squad, this makes her more significant to the DCEU tapestry. She usually relies on her fighting, gymnastics, and weapon skills to see her through battle. But she is outmatched when it comes to bigger, inhuman, and super-powered opponents. Possessing the Spear of Destiny makes Harley Quinn one of DCEU’s most powerful figures. She can virtually kill anything with a good and strong stab.

The Spear will definitely be Task Force X’s best hope to defeat Starro with due respect to Polka-Dot Man’s flying dots and Ratcatcher’s rodents. What’s more important here is that how the Spear’s other powers can improve the Suicide Squad’s chances of success. In the comic book appearances, Starro the Conqueror subjects his opponents to mind control. A few have speculated that The Suicide Squad will see the slimy villain seize possession of someone during the film. It might be the Task Force X members, the rulers of Corto Maltese, or The Thinker.

Holding the Spear of Destiny, Harley can fight back with some psychic wrangling of her own. She can reclaim her comrades’ autonomy or force the Corto Maltese soldiers to fight on her behalf. But if she chooses to use it, then the Spear would make Harley the focal point of Task Force X’s assault against Starro. But the question here is why Amanda Waller would entrust the Spear of Destiny to Harley Quinn instead of a less unpredictable figure like Rick Flag or Bloodsport.

In a strange quirk of fate, Harley’s unique mindset and complex psychology may be the key to avoid the Spear’s corrupting influence. Harley Quinn is an expert in psychology. She was manipulated by Joker and now she swears not to be controlled again. This makes sense that she might be the only Skwad member with a hope to resist the Spear of Destiny’s curse. Assuming that she does not lose it in the process of killing Starro, holding the ancient, Christ-afflicted weapon into future DCEU movies will constitute a massive power-up for Harley Quinn. This means she would never be outmatched, even against the most over-powered villain.

What is the Spear of Destiny?

The Spear of Destiny is known as the most coveted and powerful artifacts in the metaphorical museum of DC comic book lore. It is a weapon of Roman origin and has been purported to have pierced the body of Jesus Christ during crucifixion. It has been bestowed with magical and divine properties. The Spear attacks the soul of those it penetrates. This means that the weapon is effective against Gods, spirits, monsters and beasts that usually don’t succumb to a regular blade.

The Spear has also been imbued with the power to rewrite reality. Hitler used this for his benefit in World War II and protected himself from America’s superheroes. Another advantage of wielding the Spear of Destiny is the ability to control the minds of others. But there is a drawback. In his spite and bitterness, Hitler cast a spell upon the Spear. This also ensured that the future owners would be corrupted and they would lose themselves. Even Superman had to relinquish the relic of fear of falling into darkness.

Apart from Kal-El, different other DC favorites have utilized the Spear of Destiny at some point. This included The Question, Shazam (Captain Marvel), and Dragon King. This was something to defeat the villainous spirit of God’s anger called Spectre. The Spear of Destiny looks different in every incarnation. But it actually possesses a traditional arrowhead point, unlike Harley Quinn’s new weapon.

Harley Quinn’s new weapon

Harley Quinn has grown considerably since her debut in 2016. The character is a woman transformed after Birds of Prey. The evolution is continued in The Suicide Squad. Along with growing independence, new costume, and de-Jokerfied body ink, she is packing new weapons for her return. There is a rocket launcher that is fired towards some poor soul on a jungle beach. Some DC fans would be shocked to see a bazooka included in Quinn’s live-action repertoire. The pole-like weapon is more intriguing. Harley Quinn has been spotted handling that in the trailer.

When Robbie appears in front of Flag and Bloodsport after rescuing herself, she grasps an ornately decorated pole with a royal blue handle and gold gliding. The later shots have a short glimpse of the pointy bits on either side. This reveals that the weapon is some type of double-ended spear. Considering The Suicide Squad’s trailer footage, the building Harley liberates herself from is a Corto Maltese embassy of some kind. The weapon can be some ceremonial staff swiped during her escape. Using an ancient treasure to make human kebabs would be a perfect “Harley Quinn” thing to do. But it is possible that Harley is wielding the Spear of Destiny in The Suicide Squad. This might have huge DCEU ramifications.

Harley Quinn striking the final blow against Starro would offer a perfect closing chapter to Margot Robbie’s three-film DCEU arc. In Suicide Squad, she has been very much under Joker’s spell before breaking out as an independently-minded antihero. The credit goes to Birds of Prey. With the Spear of Destiny, The Suicide Squad can make Harley Quinn’s craziness her superpower. The Spear is the only way to kill Starro but only Harley can withstand the side effects. Now the fate of the world rests upon her shoulders. This is a fitting redemptive mission for Harley Quinn, but one that retains the unpredictable edge fans love so much. Moreover, will you entrust an all-powerful ancient weapon to someone who would kill a man over personalized license plates?

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