Falcon & Winter Soldier Becomes The Most Watched Show In The World

Disney+ is definitely making some big moves. Well, this was bound to happen. Disney+ will be harnessing the results from big-name brands such as Marvel and Star Wars. Marvel released its first-ever Disney+ series, WandaVision. As a surprise, the series was an absolute success and helped Disney+ gain a million subscribers! The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was only the second release from Marvel on Disney+. This show follows WandaVision, which was also incredibly successful, and went on to become the most popular show in the world as well. The Falcon & The Winter Soldier just unseated Attack on Titan as the most popular show in the world.

It was previously reported that The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s premiere episode was the most watch premiere of any original show on Disney+. According to Forbes, the new Marvel series has just passed the anime show Attack on Titian to become the most popular and most-watched show on Earth. In their report, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier now has 92.6x more demand than the average series worldwide. After only its first week, the show is already tracking well ahead of WandaVision with 90.1x more demand. This makes The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Disney+’s second most popular show after The Mandalorian which saw 108.8x demand in its first week. But the numbers have not been confirmed by Disney+ or Marvel.

This has been a thing lately. There are many analyzers that calculate statistics but neither the production house nor the streaming service confirms the number. People no more analyze the numbers at the box office and determine what’s hot and what’s not. With Hollywood heavily relying on streaming services due to the coronavirus pandemic, the world is mostly left in the dark. For example, recent figures by Apptopia suggested that Zack Snyder’s Justice League increased HBO Max’s downloads by 64%. But it was never confirmed nor denied. Hence, all we can work with is third-party statistics.

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Disney+ is clearly living up the competition and turning up things a notch. In just a little over a year, Disney+ racked up over 100 million subscribers despite not releasing as much original content as their streaming competitors like Netflix. The reason for that is hit shows like The Mandalorian. Now, this was followed by WandaVision and then very well lived up to by The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Disney’s main strategy was to rely on its biggest franchises like Marvel and Star Wars to pad their service with premium content. With now 3 hit series out of the gate, this strategy may be proving to work.

With WandaVision and The Mandalorian, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier looks promising to follow the trend as well.  This would make the series a truly massive hit for Disney+. Marvel has a lot more shows coming this year including the much anticipated Loki series along with Hawkeye, What If, She-Hulk, etc. With such promising and high-budget shows joining the roster of Disney+, the said service is bound to sit at the top in a while.

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