How Harley Quinn Was Responsible for Peacemaker’s Bad Superman Joke

Do you remember Peacemaker spilling facts about Superman’s poop fetish in his original series? Well, we might have finally confirmed its source, and it’s not Google! We think that it was Harley Quinn that associated Superman with poop in the first place. And she might be the one responsible for Peacemaker’s bad Superman joke in his series.

Peacemaker’s bad Superman Joke

HBO Max’s Peacemaker was filled with disgusting(but funny) jokes and dirty callbacks to various members of the Justice League. May it be because of his jealousy of their worldwide recognition, or their superpowers, Peacemaker found a way to make them look bad. And in one of his jokes, he made a bad joke about how Superman has a poop fetish. Of all things, POOP! But in the scene following this, he reveals the source to be Google. It might be true to some length, considering the huge number of trolls on the internet. But we think his source was Harley Quinn, who he has previously met when they were both on Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad.



Harley Quinn is one fantabulous psychopath who has been experiencing a very hard time being ‘serious’. And in one of her comics, it was she who first associated Superman with poop. In Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey #1, Harley calls out to Superman as Pooperman! This happens in her dream where she was on her vacation with Poison Ivy. Superman can be seen as their servant who was serving them in exchange for some sensitive information regarding Jimmy Olsen. This is when Harley calls him out as the P-Man, thus giving birth to the ridiculous association of Superman with poop by Quinn, and then later by the Peacemaker.


Peacemaker is one kid in a man’s body and Quinn might have known that about him on the first day she met him. And using this joke as a means to spread some chaos sounds just like her MO. Plus, it’s not like Harley Quinn didn’t get enough with the Peacemaker. She might have told Peacemaker the bad Superman joke anytime during their long mission. And being one of the most gullible superheroes ever, Peacemaker believed that. Although he had the sense to change the rumor’s origin since she knew that nobody would believe him if he told them the source of his information.


James Gunn, the writer and director of The Suicide Squad and its spin-off, Peacemaker, may or may not confirm the origin of the bad Superman joke, but we know that Harley Quinn was Peacemaker’s secret source. And their characters in the Gunn-verse confirm it.

What can be the origin of Peacemaker’s bad Superman joke? let us know in the comments down.


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