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Suicide Squad 3 May Never Happen, Thanks to Peacemaker

Good Riddance??

Peacemaker might be amongst the best projects that have come out of the DC Extended Universe yet. James Gunn brought the best of his works that he had previously showcased in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and managed to make likable factors out of weird characters. The director has even hinted at some other future work with the franchise in the future that might see a spinoff narrative from another one of the characters he introduced in The Suicide Squad. While the finale for Peacemaker actually gave some clarification regarding the future of DCEU, it also might have closed a major narrative for the franchise. Based on the first season of Peacemaker, one can say that a Suicide Squad 3 movie might never happen now.


Peacemaker gave us a chance to get a deeper insight into the titular character while at the same time tagging along with some other characters from The Suicide Squad. We saw John Cena’s character deal with a massive threat that is almost equivalent to the threat that Task Force X faced in the previous movie. But this time around it was Peacemaker and his friends who tried to put down this alien threat and make sure they are done for good. It came with some serious injuries but by the end, they did manage to put down the enemy.


Earlier in the episode, there was a tease when Adebayo asks her mother Amanda Waller to send along with the Justice League for help. Later we do get to see the team show up but they were too late to have done any significant help in defeating the Butterflies. There were a lot of theories making rounds that this series might actually pave the way for a future narrative for the Suicide Squad. At the same time, it was hoped that we might see Peacemaker’s teammates being a part of Task Force X. But based on the ending of the series, it seems like there is a lesser chance for another Suicide Squad sequel.


Adebayo’s Disclosure

No Suicide Squad 3

Throughout the series, Adebayo was working for her mother Amanda Waller. She even planted the diary in Peacemaker’s room which led to the massive number of accusations being put on him. But then things went beyond her imagination and she realized that her mother was the one who was benefitting from all of it. Something in parallel to the events of The Suicide Squad where Idris Elba’s Bloodsport uses the information of Project Starfish to blackmail Waller end up happening. But this time around Adebayo tells the public about the details of Project Butterfly. She even discloses Amanda Waller’s involvement in it and the existence of Task Force X and how it hires convicts.


The only thing that was helping the workings of Task Force X was its top-secret nature. Everything about the way these convicts and villains were being used to go for missions is absolutely inhumane. Adebayo even revealed the fact that the government was using these criminals for missions by promising them lighter senses. This would create a lot of problems and legal issues on the way of A.R.G.U.S. It won’t be much time before the public comes to know about the details of Project Starfish and that might end up putting the final nail on the coffin for Amanda Waller’s plans.


No Suicide Squad 3

There was no announcement regarding a sequel to The Suicide Squad yet but the success of the movie actually felt like it could have a sequel. Even though the movie was adored both critically and by fans, it still faced a huge loss by making no money. In a way, it would make sense that it won’t have a sequel considering things aren’t really going well for the movie series. Since Peacemaker did so well on HBO Max, we should get more spinoffs like that. There is a possible spinoff already in discussion and that might be a better route than Suicide Squad 3.

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