Here’s How Aquaman Can Talk to Fish!

Although the fandom is largely in consensus when it comes to the disaster that is the DC Extended Universe, there are fans still out there who believe that under the creative leadership of Geoff Jones the series still has a shot. I urge these fans to take a look at the utter chaos that was Justice League, surely that will be enough to change their minds. Justice League was, bar none, the most anticipated superhero team-up movie to ever go into production. A lot was riding on including hopes of the DC extended universe fandom and the hopes of WB executives trying to outmaneuver Disney.

But alas, the outcome was definitely something that the studio executives at Warner Brothers did not expect. You see, Justice League was a sure-fire hit after the debut of Superman Batman rivalry in BvS. It was sure expected to be, but things came up one after the another and the entire movie landed face front as Zack Snyder’s grim reality was traded in for Whedon’s hopeful (commercial?) reskinning of the DCEU franchise. Fans did not like that, this is an understatement to the reality of quantum of hate that warner brothers received after the release of the league.

Now the only hope of success for the DCEU lies in the set of its next lined up releases. The next movies that are slated to come out in the next calendar year that belong to the DCEU franchise are Aquaman and Wonder Woman 2, funnily enough, these are also the only two movies that have a firm release date, as of yet, in the DC extended universe.

We may as well put all our eggs in the Aquaman and Wonder Woman basket if we’re to see any form of continuity in the currently murky DCEU. Time for some good news, the new Aquaman movie seems to be that place where Aquaman jokes will go to die (finally).

The character of Aquaman is one who has been largely the butt of all DC and Justice League joke for a long time. This is mainly due to the portrayal of the character in the old series of ‘Superfriends’. In the animated show, Aquaman was portrayed as a rather weak creature who barely had any powers and was a telepathic nuisance as compared to his other colleagues in the league. This was mainly due to the fact that the character of Aquaman was needed during the writing process of the show for creative reasons but this ended up as portraying the character as a complete goofball whose only merit was that he could communicate with marine life.

It seemed as though Zack Snyder decided to do something about this when he reskinned the then goofy character of Aquaman into a jacked and ripped Jason Momoa version. When Jason Momoa first appeared as the Aquaman in the trailer of Justice League, fans were convinced that this was the end of all Aquaman jokes, as they were in for a surprise.

However, it seems that the production team of the Aquaman solo movie takes a page from the book of Zack Snyder while filming the project. In an interview with JoBlo, the director of the movie confirmed this:

“There’s a flashback scene where Arthur visits the Boston Aquarium on a field trip and is being bullied when he suddenly finds the fish in the aquarium rallying to him. This is where he begins to discover that he can ‘talk to fish’.”

Jason Momoa also had this to say in his interview with JoBlo (When he was asked whether a particular comic scene, as seen above, was reproduced in the DCEU version of Aquaman’s solo debut into the series).


“Yeah, I think James [Wan] has taken all those fish puns and, really, kind of let me do ‘em. I think he has an interesting look on what all those fish puns are. The more you look at it, I think it’s really-it’s not so much that he can talk to fish, but I think when you get to see what he can really do and how powerful the ocean is, I mean…I guess we’ll see who’s laughing then.”

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