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DC Superhero Who Can Defeat The Juggernaut Easily

Juggernaut is one of the most popular and interesting characters, primarily associated with the X-Men. His best and most recognizable feature is his intense invulnerability. For many years, only a few things have hurt him but Marvel recently proved that he has one big weakness. And this makes him an easy opponent for one of the most popular speedsters in the DC universe, The Flash. Keep up with us to find more about this superhero who can defeat the Juggernaut.Juggernaut

Juggernaut, or as he was once known, Cain Marko, is an Avatar of Cyttorak, who made him into a human juggernaut in exchange for a promise to cause mayhem and chaos. So, Juggernaut is often seen as a villain and a terrorist with almost no weakness. However, in recent issues, he got over his childhood abuse, reconciled with his half-brother, Charles Xavier, and made his way into the X-Men. So, now we can say that he is an ally for good. And all his invulnerability is now a weapon of good.



Juggernaut may be a massive being with almost impenetrable skin, but he has his weaknesses. Being a creature empowered by magic, his magic can be taken away or used against him. Other than that, Thor once proved who is the bigger bad-ass when his Mjolnir crashed through his force field and took him down. And 2022’s Legion of X‘s second issue reveals never-before-seen Juggernaut’s weakness that can make him look weak even in front of the Flash, who doesn’t have much strength to go against him.


In Legion of X #2, Juggernaut is one of the protagonists and a member of Nightcrawler’s Legionnaires. They receive permission to step on the Krakoa, the sentient living island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. After stepping onto the island, Juggernaut is considered hostile by one of his teammates, Lost, the gravity manipulator.  Now, he manipulates the gravitational force around Juggy whose powers become useless at this point. One of Juggy’s main powers is his ability to charge against an opponent and make him feel the full force of his massive body. But suspended in the air, he can no longer do that. Or as Lost said

Unstoppable has no meaning if there’s no direction, asshat.


Hulk vs Juggernaut vs The Thing
Hulk vs Juggernaut vs The Thing

One thing that comic books have always done is reveal one weakness of even the strongest of beings. It has always been upon the writers. If the writers want to, they can make Iron Man go against The Living Tribunal and have him emerge victorious. They have to do this kind of stuff to maintain the balance between an entire roster of superheroes which is very necessary.



Barry Allen is one of the DC universe’s most popular and strongest speedsters. While most speedsters just use their speed for running, Barry has found many applications like creating tornadoes, phasing through solid objects, and the most important one, that’s going to help him stop Juggernaut, he can create a temporary vacuum by creating a reverse vortex. He rotates his arms at lightning-fast speeds to create a space big enough to contain Juggernaut. And then Flash can neutralize him just as quickly. All in all, now there’s another instance where speed triumphed over brute strength.


Superhero Who Can Defeat The Juggernaut

Well, now you might be waiting for an epic crossover between DC and Marvel just so you might see Flash beat the crap out of the Juggernaut. But in present circumstances, let’s just say that it doesn’t seem to be in the realm of possibility. But never say never! Marvel and DC have done crossover when no one expected, so who knows, another one may be right down the lane.


Is there any other superhero who can defeat the Juggernaut easily? Let us know if you have answers for this.

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