Where are the other Avengers During The What If Episode 6 Conflict

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded onto frontiers that were never thought possible before. As things have boiled up to the tipping point we come across some of the most powerful villains seizing control in the multiverse. If you do not understand what we mean then we suggest that you watch the latest episode of What If…?  Killmonger wreaks havoc during the What If Episode 6 conflict.

We have never seen carnage the likes of which were put on display during this episode. The Supervillain took over the entire kingdom of Wakanda in a way that we could have never dreamed of. The Creed hero returns to voice our favorite Black Panther villain and showcases just why he is such a dangerous man to encounter and fight. We see someone who is a master at the game of chess!


But the main question that the fandom is asking after the episode has very little to do with the villain. The question is Where were All the other Avengers during the What If Episode 6 conflict. Stick with us as we try to answer this question to the best of our ability. We have traced the whereabouts of the Avengers. None of them could have stopped this tragedy from happening.


The death of T’Challa is tragic but it is also important in the narrative of this universe. We are more bothered by the death of Tony Stark and why no other Avengers came to his aid. Even more, pressing is the issue that the Avengers did not intervene when America launched a war against Wakanda. Were they indisposed or couldn’t be bothered. Read on to Find out.


What If Episode 6 Conflict

The main conflict in the episode stemmed from the ambition of Killmonger and what he wanted to achieve with his closeness from Tony Stark. It seems that the villain planned all his moves all along and simply used genius inventors for his engineering prowess and resources. Not knowing that the man was capable of creating the Iron Man armor, Killmonger turned him into a false idol and used him to create an army of mindless drones.


These drones were then used by him to attack the capital city of Wakanda in an attempt to seize control of the city-state. It was very easy for Erik Killmonger to do this because he had already eliminated T’Challa with the Sonic Taser. The real question we kept asking ourselves was where are the rest of the Avengers and why haven’t they come to the rescue of Tony Stark and T’Challa.


The most obvious answer to the question is that the Avengers don’t exist yet. They have no reason to be heroes as of yet. Remember, this episode takes place back in 2008. It is the time of Iron Man 1 and none of the Avengers have assembled yet. Since Tony Stark never got captured by the 10 rings he never became Iron Man. Similarly, Steve Rogers has not been thawed out of the ice by Nick Fury.


Black Widow and Hawkeye are still just S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Attack dogs to the covert organization that has no ties to the government and no concern for the death of a weapons mogul. Thor is yet to visit earth and Hulk is yet to let himself loose on Brooklyn. This means that none of the Avengers are the Avengers and they cannot come to the aid of Wakanda.


Where are the other Avengers

If we did a little deeper then I can also tell you that none of the older Avengers have even conceived of their heroics. Except for T’Challa none of the heroes were born into their roles. The ancient one exists but she has little concern for someone like Stark. Dr. Strange is still a surgeon and years away from discovering the mystic arts.

For all we know, Spider-Man has not attained his powers. The mind stone has not been given to Loki as of yet so Wanda and Quicksilver do not exist. Simply put, there are not many people in this alternate reality that can help save Tony, so it is pretty easy for Killmonger to end his life. It doesn’t matter if Stark has the liberator on his side.


The mindless drones are no match for the new Black Panther and none of them can defeat him. What do you think of this explanation? Does it make sense or does it sound like pure conjecture? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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