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5 Ways Killmonger Is The Best MCU Villain & 5 Ways Loki Is Superior

MCU has the best superheroes in store. Their screen presence has brought billions of box office collections for the MCU. Now superhero films get more exciting when you have an equally powerful villain. MCU has always maintained this trend in its movies. It has introduced us to some of the best villains. Although a few of them have not been portrayed exactly like how they are in the comics, the filmmakers have been faithful to the source material. For now, if I get to choose the two best MCU villains, I would go for Loki and Killmonger. Now let’s see the reason why Killmonger is the best MCU villain, or why Loki is.

Why Loki is the best MCU villain

1. Loki fought the Avengers

It doesn’t matter how strong you are, fighting the Avengers can be something that can prove to be tough for you. Even the strongest villains of the MCU think a thousand times before facing the Avengers. But Loki had the guts to do that. When Avengers made their MCU debut in 2012, Loki was the main villain. With the Chitauri army, he wreaked havoc on Earth. Here, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, and Thor assembled to defeat Loki. But Killmonger never got a chance to fight the Avengers.

2. Loki appeared in more MCU movies

Compared to Killmonger, Loki has appeared in more MCU movies. The character has been there in the MCU for a long time. Maybe the ones who saw an MCU movie for the first time thought that he made his debut with 2012’s The Avengers. But he made his debut in 2011’s Thor. Then the rest is history. We got to see the good along with the evil shades of the character. Loki became one such MCU character who is completely unpredictable. You cannot trust him completely. But Killmonger appeared only in 2018’s Black Panther. He died towards the end of the film and now his MCU future is uncertain.

3. Loki is incredibly intelligent

There is no doubt that Loki is a very powerful being. But it is not the powers that make him a perfect antagonist, it is his intelligence. The powers of his level can be used better by any other MCU character, but most of the people lack the level of intelligence Loki has. You cannot figure out if he is lying or telling the truth. He could easily convince those who knew him for a long time that he is their father. Loki also faked his death in such a way that even MCU fans thought that he died. There is a very little number of MCU characters who are equally superior like Loki. But Killmonger is not that much intelligent. When he takes over the throne of Wakanda, he remains unaware of the fact that an evil person cannot be a king.

4. Loki worked for Thanos

After Loki, Thanos is the one who is the most powerful being in the whole universe. Loki wanted to conquer Earth. One of Thanos’ followers, The Other helped Loki by offering him the Chitauri army to take over Earth. Now somewhere, Loki was almost able to take over Earth and Thanos deserves some credit for that. The sad part here is that Loki was killed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War when Loki tries to kill him to save Thor and prevent Thanos from getting the six Infinity Stones. But Killmonger is yet to face a dangerous threat like Thanos.

5. Loki can manipulate anyone

Loki is known as the God of Mischief. The fun fact about this character is that he can easily fool anyone with his tactics. He sets up things in such a way that people start to believe him. He uses the same powers to trick his enemies. There have been a few instances throughout his appearance in the MCU movies. In 2012’s The Avengers, he killed Phil Coulson. In 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok, he disguised himself as Odin to become the ruler of Asgard. But unfortunately, he was caught here by Thor. Killmonger lacks this special ability.

Why Killmonger is the Best MCU Villain

1. Killmonger temporarily became the Black Panther

Killmonger did not get a chance to fight the Avengers. But the best thing for him was that he became his enemy’s successor, although temporarily. Now there is a reason to explain why this is good. Taking the mantle of Black Panther is not easy for anyone. You have to be skilled enough to defeat the one fighting against you and take the throne. Every resident of Wakanda is equally powerful. Killmonger stayed out of Wakanda for many years but that did not make him forget his skills. T’Challa was MCU fans’ favorite Black Panther as a result of this, T’Challa being defeated by Killmonger may have broken the hearts of many MCU fans. But Loki does not have the guts to take over the throne of Wakanda. His evil deeds are known by everyone and considering the type of place Wakanda is, it is better for Loki to not go over there.

2. Killmonger was in only one movie

Killmonger made his MCU debut with 2018’s Black Panther. He was termed as the main antagonist of the film. Maybe most of the MCU fans expected that he has the potential to appear in future MCU projects. The character left such a huge impression but unfortunately, he was killed at the end of the film. Now there have been no reports or updates on the return of Killmonger in any other MCU film. So overall, he appeared in one movie. But despite that, the character is loved by everyone. Killmonger is still considered one of the best MCU villains yet. Loki has not been able to put the same impression yet.

3. Killmonger had a tragic childhood

Killmonger was a happy child when he was a kid. But he never expected that he would experience a tragedy in his childhood. His uncle, father of T’Challa, T’Chaka killed his father. T’Chaka also abandoned him and never thought of what would Erik do with his life. Somewhere, the Wakandan king himself was responsible for creating a demon that is dangerous for Wakanda. From that day onwards, T’Challa decided to take revenge against all those who were responsible for the death of his father. So somewhere, we feel bad and sympathetic towards Killmonger. But we do not feel the same for Loki.

4. Killmonger went against Wakanda’s traditions

Killmonger was the past of Wakanda that was ignored for many years. Even T’Challa was never told about it by his father. But Killmonger returned to claim his place in Wakanda and defeated T’Challa in a duel. For a temporary period, Killmonger became Wakanda’s king. He planned to supply vibranium outside Wakanda so that it can be used to manufacture weapons. He also burned the Heart-Shaped Herbs that give the power of Black Panther to anyone. Overall, he broke Wakanda’s traditions. But Loki could not do the same in Asgard. He was powerful, but not powerful enough to break the basic rules and regulations.

5. Killmonger is very intimidating

Killmonger is the best MCU villain

When you see Killmonger on screen, he will create fear inside your mind. As mentioned earlier, Killmonger was frustrated with the death of his father and his uncle abandoning him. After years of planning and gathering the resources, he started taking his revenge. He expressed his anger and frustration when he used to hurt people. The anger increased so much that he even killed his girlfriend in one of the scenes. Moreover, that matters nothing to him since he aimed to become the ruler of Wakanda. But Loki was found to be intimidating on certain occasions. A few of his foolish tactics made him look like a funny character instead of a villain.

Killmonger is the Best MCU Villain for me (besides Thanos). Loki has been redeemed over time. Which of the two do you prefer? Let us know in the comments.

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