10 Reasons Why Killmonger Is No Ordinary Marvel Villain

Killmonger is one of the rarest supervillains in the Marvel Universe that everyone fell in love with. He was ruthless and cold but he had his own reasons for that passionate cruelty. Apart from Michael B. Jordan’s powerful and realistic portrayal, there are other elements that mark Killmonger’s significance.  MCU is the champion of hiding subtle details of paramount importance. Black Panther movie has also given hints and Easter eggs that signify some key elements of Killmonger. These details can be useful in the future of MCU in phases 3 and 4. Without further ado, let us dive into the 10 reasons why Killmonger is no ordinary Marvel villain.

Black Panther Teaser CGI-ed His Hair

Fans have learned it the hard way that MCU trailers are not to be trusted. Never believe what you see in these teasers and trailers. The same trick was incredibly used in Black Panther. When Killmonger walks towards the throne in the trailer, his hair was edited out to prevent any spoilers.

Killmonger Was The Panthera of America

Needless to say, the leopards black panther are the Panthera pardus of Africa. Similarly, the jaguars are the Panthera of Central and South America. It’s pretty interesting how T’Challa from Wakanda, Africa became the Black Panther and Eric Killmonger who grew up in America represented Jaguar.

T’Challa’s Hellicarrier Looks Like Killmonger’s Mask

When Killmonger was part of Klaue’s gang, he stole a traditional mask from a museum. Contrary to popular belief that claimed that it was made of Vibranium, Killmonger stole it because it resembled the ship of the King of Wakanda. That’s the ship he last saw moments before he found his father dead. All he wanted was to feel the vengeance in his blood again.

Puts On His Father’s Ring

Killmonger was always seen wearing his father’s ring around his neck as a necklace. But once he took the throne of Wakanda, Killmonger started wearing the ring on his right hand. Moreover, we can also hear an American rap/hip hop playing in the background unlike the African music that plays for T’Challa as he sits on the throne. This clearly reflects on their upbringing and origin.

Inspired By A Historic Figure

Shaka Zulu was a significant figure from history. He was an influential king of the Zulu Kingdom of South Africa in the 19th Century. In the movie, we saw Killmonger break his spear in halves during combat was inspired by no one but the Zulu monarch. He was known for this unique style of weaponry as it increased the chances of stabbing one’s rival.

Targets Cities Where Sanctum Sanctorum Are Located

Everything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is somehow linked. Of course, we can’t imagine a connection between Black Panther’s world and that of Doctor Strange in our wildest dreams but that’s the case here. Even though Wakanda is all about tech and science and Doctor Strange’s world is surrounded by sorcery and realities, the movie indicated a major Easter egg. The three places that Killmonger targets to attack are London, Hong Kong, and New York. It is no coincidence that these are also the cities where the Sanctum Sanctorum are situated.

Killmonger and T’Challa’s Flashback

When both Killmonger and T’Challa drank the heart-shaped herb, they were taken back to the time where each of their fathers died. Both their spiritual journey was mirroring as we saw the devastated sons holding their fathers on their lap during their last breath. But these similar events turns one into a hero while the other into a vengeful villain.

The Sun Sets When He Falls

Black Panther was not limited to a typical action flick but had meaningful consequences and depth.  When Killmonger seized the throne after defeating T’Challa, he announced “The sun will never set on the Wakandan Empire.”. Ironically, Killmonger spends his last moment at the dusk after his reign ends.

His Weapons

You will rarely see a warrior in a fight without a shield. Even T’Challa carried a spear and a shield during his ritual combat against Killmonger. But the ruthless villain only carried weapons, that is, spear and sword which signifies that he has no limit or mercy. Every fighter is taught to defend and only attack when needed but Killmonger had no such rules.

His Wounds Healed By Wakandan Tech

In one of the earliest scenes on Wakanda, T’Challa’s brilliant sister Shuri claimed that her latest invention could heal wounds from bullet in one day. The scene did get a nod later when Killmonger’s injuries from the combat disappeared the next day.

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