The Reason Why Non-Superhero Fans LOVED Deadpool

There were many factors that made up the success of Fox’s 2016 release Deadpool at the box office. The team behind the film were a passionate bunch who stuck by the project for over eleven years which resulted in a genuine element that most films try and fail to replicate. The film concentrated on fast and brutal action that was true to its base material and last but not least, the film was genuinely funny even for the movie audience who was not a superhero fan.


In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Reynolds discussed most important element of Deadpool that made it stand out from other superhero movies. Reynolds said:

“The best comedy, in my opinion, has to be grounded in some form of truth. The character Deadpool is my alter ego,” he told THR in a recent interview. “I don’t want to sound esoteric, but I can channel that guy in a way I just can’t seem to channel anything else. In terms of his sensibilities and certainly his sense of humor, I feel like we were born at the end of the same spectrum. It’s a very odd situation.”


Of course, the actor did have some difficulty with the role of Wade Wilson, given the damaged history the character has suffered through:

“I wouldn’t characterize it as an easy role to play because the great hoax of Deadpool is that there’s actually great dramatic tension that surrounds all of the comedy in the movie. I don’t think we could have gotten those comedic payoffs if audiences weren’t invested emotionally in the character. When the movie opened, we’d start to hear people say, ‘That was the funniest movie I’ve ever seen.”


Reynolds also talked about what drew him to the role of Deadpool, which he has stuck by for more than a decade:

“When I opened it, the story started with someone asking Deadpool what he looked like under the mask and he said he looked like a cross between Ryan Reynolds and a shar-pei. It was destiny, and I fell in love with him instantly.”

Amy Fanai

Movie lover who writes about movies.
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