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Every Loki Variant Spotted In MCU’s Multiverse So Far

Loki episode 2, “The Variant,” has definitely changed things for the MCU. One cannot possibly imagine where the Universe will go after the events of Loki. Moreover, in just two episodes we have a major challenge for the TVA as we come across Lady Loki. But before that, Loki was given a mission brief. Here, he was talking about the variant’s powers, where Loki interrupted to explain the powers of his kind in a better way. But Mobius also stated that they have encountered his kind of variants before as well. So, Loki told us about every Loki variant confirmed so far in the MCU.

Every Loki Variant in MCU

1. Loki L1130

This is the main version of Loki that escaped during the 2012 Endgame Time Heist. Following an unfortunate encounter between Tony Stark and the Hulk, the Tesseract slid within Loki’s reach and he used it to escape. And that is exactly when he was arrested by the TVA. This 2012 version of Loki was not initially aware of any events after his escape in the previous reality.

This 2012 edition of Loki hadn’t yet experienced the heartbreak of Frigga’s death, the loss of Odin, and the destruction of Asgard. But without experiencing it, he is still aware, thanks to the TVA briefing. Moreover, he got to know about his own death at the hands of Thanos. He was particularly shocked after this because he had pledged allegiance to the Mad Titan.

2. Trickster Loki

Loki variant L8914 bears a resemblance to the Greek god Pan. He has horns, a beard, and what appear to be cloven hoofs instead of feet. Pan is traditionally depicted as a faun with goat legs, a beard, and horns, and is the son of Hermes, who’s a trickster himself. He is the god of the wild and is known for his love of nature and music. But Loki is almost a little than a thousand years, so he couldn’t have been a god to the Greeks. It could be that this variant modeled his appearance on Pan. He can be seen wearing a loose green suit and appears to be wearing one of President Loki’s campaign badges.

3. Frost Giant Loki

Yes, Loki is an Asgardian. But not by blood. Thor revealed that he’s actually the son of Laufey, the king of the Frost Giants. So yes, Loki is a Frost Giant himself. He himself knew all along that he was a bit of evil as compared to others. But when he learned about his origins and that he was adopted by Odin, it sent him down a villainous path.

His origins are referenced in Loki episode 2, “The Variant.” Mobius calls him an ice runt. That’s because, in the comics, Loki was drastically undersized for a Frost Giant. Mobius’ recap of previous encounters with Lokis reveals that one variant of Loki was a proper Frost Giantm donning the Frost Giant heritage by proudly wearing his blue skin and red eyes. It could be that this variant broke away from the timeline when he decided to rule Jotunheim.

4. Tour De France Loki

This has to be the most interesting variant without a doubt. Looks like this variant did not want to be evil or rule. He just wanted to be the greatest cyclist in all of Midgard! Loki L1247 is seen wearing the race leader’s yellow jersey, personalized bike shorts, and an apron with “Team Loki” advertised on it. The Tour de France made headlines in 2018 when Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas’ Coupe Omnisports was stolen. So, it’s pretty much possible that Loki was responsible for this theft to boast in front of his friends and family!

5. Lady Loki

Loki episode 2, “The Variant,” finally gave us Lady Loki. Played by Sophia Di Martino, this variant wears a variation of Loki’s Asgardian clothing and has a similar hairstyle to his. But in blonde. Apart from this, she’s also wearing a smaller version of the same helmet with one broken horn. The TVA certainly thinks this is a Loki variant, and she has troubled them a lot!  So far, she seems to be the most dangerous one of them all.

There is a backstory for Lady Loki in the comics. In those origins, Loki was reborn into Lady Sif’s body, and in the MCU Loki’s files say that his sex is “fluid,” since Loki can change his appearance with ease. But recent revelations have led us to believe that this may not be Lady Loki after all. Although, it could be Sylvie/Enchantress who was created by Loki himself.

6. President Loki

We haven’t seen this variant in the show as of now. But he is heavily featured in the trailers throughout. So, all hail President Loki! This version of the character is lifted straight from the Vote Loki miniseries, in which the God of Mischief runs for president. Now, this is where the irony lies. His entire campaign argues that all of the candidates are liars and cheats, but he vows to boldly and proudly lie directly lie to the faces of Americans.

This theory seemingly made him popular. Now, that’s Loki for you. In Loki‘s take on President Loki, he appears to have won over a post-apocalyptic gang of ruffians and looks like their ruler/king. But there has been no context to this variant this far. Maybe the TVA is not aware of this variant yet? It’s possible that this is actually Loki L1130 after his escape from the TVA, something we think he will do.

7. Viking Loki

Loki L7803 is a direct nod to a story told by Loki in Mighty Thor. It’s amazing how Marvel Studios have started to take so much directly from the comics. The ancient Viking outfit includes a horned helmet that covers the top half of Loki’s face. Plus, there’s also a cape of green moss, which is worn by Loki on the cover of Mighty Thor #6. The present-day Loki tells the same story.

In the story, a Viking warrior called Bodolf is angered when his prayers to Thor fail to win him victory in battle. As a result, he prays to Loki instead. And we know that the God of Mischief is always eager to sabotage his brother. Anyway, Loki tells Bodolf to drink the blood of a dragon which will give him the power to defeat Thor in battle. He does so and becomes strong enough to defy Thor. But this came with the cost of transforming himself into a monster. Plus, the Vikings worshipped the Asgardians Gods. This Loki variant may have been one that was pruned for meddling centuries ago.

8. Hulk Loki

This is easily the most bizarre-looking variant. If you think the Tour De France Loki was weird, then wait for this one. This Loki variant is one that resembles the Hulk, with greenish-yellow skin and really powerful muscles. But there is n odd detail about this variant. He has curved horns growing directly out of his head rather than being worn as a helmet. His torn clothing indicated a recent transformation or a semi-wild existence. It could be that this variant came across Hulk, got impressed, and wanted the same power. Plus, Loki is known to be power-hungry.

So this was every Loki variant known in the MCU so far. Loki stars Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Owen Wilson as Mobius M. Mobius, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ravonna Lexus Renslayer, Wunmi Mosaku as Hunter B-15, and Sophia Di Martino, Richard E. Grant, Sasha Lane, and Eugene Cordero in undisclosed roles. The series premieres on June 9 on Disney+. New episodes release every Wednesday.

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