MK Ep 4 – How All Characters Reappeared In Assylum In New Roles

Disney’s Moon Knight’s fourth episode is finally out and left us on the biggest cliffhanger of all. How do all characters reappear in Assylum in new roles? The episode started with Steven and Layla searching at Ammit’s burial site and ended with Marc and Steven in an insane asylum, or what the creators want us to think of as an insane asylum. But what’s mind-boggling about the asylum is that many characters from Steven’s life reappeared but as patients or staff at the insane asylum. Here’s how all characters reappeared in Asslyum:


Crawley is directly based on the character of Bertrand Crawley from the comics who is a homeless man living on the streets of New York. However, Crawley(Shaun Scott) appeared as a street performer in London in the show. And after what we saw in the first two episodes, he was Steve’s go-to person, considering his lack of friends. Scott reappeared in the series again in the asylum sequence as the Bingo announcer. This was interesting to see as one would not expect someone who never spoke to Steven to appear as a prominent figure in his imagination.



Donna first appeared in the miniseries as the head of Steven Grant’s department in the museum. She was a rather mean boss but her reappearance in Steven’s illusion of the insane asylum implies her influence on him. Her character appears to be a patient at the asylum but is still connected to her job in the real life. We can see her holding a stuffed toy that resembles the merchandise at the museum’s gift shop.



In what currently seems to be the real world, Billy Fitzgerald is one of Ammit’s followers. He posed as a cop, alongside another one of Harrow’s goons, to arrest Steven. Since then, he has appeared in the series multiple times, so his appearance in the insane asylum seems fitting. Another thing to note here is the role Billy had in Steven’s illusion is that of an asylum orderly, similar to what Steven thought of him when he first saw him, a cop.


4. BEK

Viewers first saw Bek, played by actor Loic Mabanza, as a prime goon of Anton Mogart in episode 3. He was the one who fought Layla while Steven, or rather Marc, was out there fighting the rest of Mogart’s men. Since Bek didn’t interact much with Steven or Marc in real life, it seems fitting that he didn’t interact with Marc in his illusion. Bek appears as another staff member of the asylum who is handing out desserts to the patients, which might be a nod to where he first met Marc, that is, a desert! Please ignore this connection to move forward, will you?



The end of the Egypt sequence ended with Marc falling into a pool of water, after getting shot twice by Harrow. So we saw the first shots of the asylum sequence from his POV. From what we heard from the orderlies, Marc likes watching Tomb Buster, which is a faux-MCU movie about an archaeologist, Dr Steven Grant. So this might be where he adopted the alternate identity of Steven.


How all characters reappeared in Assylum

We can also hear an orderly saying that he enjoys an awful lot of time in front of a goldfish, connecting his character with that of Steven. He even seems to have a Moon Knight action figure in his hands. These were the scenes that led us to think that this asylum is all an illusion in Marc’s mind.


The love interest of Steven and the wife of Marc Spector, Layla has been a recurring character in the show. Since she seems to be the only friend in Steven’s real life, it seems fitting that she is the only other patient that we see Marc interacting with. She seems to be quite cosy with him as a patient as she steals his bingo card like it’s an everyday thing. But she too, like others in the scene, have some connection to the real world. We can see a bandage on her left hand with a little scarab, that is where Marc and Steven last saw her.



The whole sequence seems to be based on the 2016 run of Moon Knight. The series featured Marc in an insane asylum, where the head doctor was Dr Ammit, later revealed to be the Egyptian God Ammit. So it makes sense that the MCU’s insane asylum adaptation will be headed by Ammit’s prime follower, Arthur Harrow. Harrow’s appearance, however, has changed a lot in Marc’s illusion as he now seems to have a moustache. His hair is set back, he is wearing crocs and has a walking cane. All similar but quite different to the original in many ways. The way how all characters reappeared in Assylum can be a game-changer in the Moon Knight series.



Billy is the cop that first approached Steven as a cop. So, naturally, she would be the one to appear as another orderly of the asylum. Both Bobby and Billy’s roles as orderlies are similar to what they played in the comics. They both were orderlies until they revealed themselves as Egyptian jackals. But since things don’t work that way in the MCU, maybe they are no more than Ammit’s servants. Or, are they?

Well, the above theory pretty clearly tells us how all characters reappeared in Assylum in Moon Knight episode 4. What do you think about it? tell us in the comments.


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