10 Upcoming Movies Which Are Likely To Be A Huge Disaster

Hollywood is good at portraying movies very well through trailers. Many good looking movies which made people hopeful through the trailers failed miserably in reality. One of the best example of this in the recent times is Suicide Squad. The movie’s trailer was so amazing but the movie was a total disaster. Similarly, the trend of making people fool is still ON. And I know many people will curse me after reading this list but still, this is what it seems like! There are a bunch of fans (including me) that believe these movies are going to be a total disaster. Here’s the list:


This one is for SAW fans. The movie is the eighth installment of the SAW franchise. But I doubt if there is even a single person who is hopeful about this one.

Pitch Perfect 3

If you have watched the last movie of the franchise then I believe you know why it’s here in this list. If you have time and money to waste then you can go and watch this movie this Christmas and spoil your day.

My Little Pony: The Movie

The movie is going to be another TV  to film crossover. And there’s not a single movie statistically that has been a success at least when the show is airing. Talking about this one, it seems no different than those that came earlier. It will be a just 90-min episode with some famous voices.

The Lion King

Yes, this one too. Though the Jungle Book proved to be a great success and liked by fans all over the world, this one from Disney seems to be an upcoming failure. One of the reasons is that the people associated with it that include the screenwriter Jeff Nathanson who hasn’t found major success since past three decades except in Catch Me If You Can. Still, I hope that this one proves me wrong and become a huge success.

The Six Billion Dollar Man

This is the true passion project of Mark Wahlberg who is trying to build this project for years now. The movie is nothing more than another adaptation from television to the film starring the guy who thought Entourage was a great idea.

Murder On The Orient Express

It’s a movie based on a classic novel of the same name. The movie will feature actor Johnny Depp who is, no doubt, one of the best actors working in the industry right now but at the same time, his performances in the recent movies have failed to leave a mark. Another thing which is worrisome is that the changes that they will make to the original piece of literature which hasn’t worked out for many movies.

Fifty Shades Freed

How can I predict that the third and final installment of the franchise will suck? Believe me, you know it too! The first two movies are the proof for that which failed to please the audience and were actually poop-covered popsicle. And I believe that the book-lover fans won’t deny this and would rather skip this one!

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

This will be the fifth part of the twenty-five-year-old franchise. Although the recent part, Jurassic World, which came in 2015 starring Chris Pratt surpassed the expectations of many, the movie was nothing compared to what Spielberg had delivered in the past. People watched the previous ones several times and they still can but this isn’t the case with the last one. And looking at this, many fans including me aren’t very hopeful for the upcoming one.

The Life And Death Of John Gotti

The movie has already suffered from a series of bad lucks in terms of casting. Lindsay Lohan has been dropped from the movie following higher demands from her management team. Actor Joe Pesci has also quit from the movie. All these things add up to the delay and show the confidence of the actors in the film.

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle


It’s a sequel to 1995 movie of the same name starring Robin Williams. The upcoming movie will be showing a group of four friends who are stuck in a video-game. The movie somewhat seems like a parody of the original film through the trailer. And I hope that it doesn’t prove to be a giant dud.

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