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20 Times Fans Loved To Troll Erik Killmonger In Black Panther

Erik Killmonger was a revolutionary character and solved Marvel’s big villain problem. He was not the typical cliché villain, and it is safe to say that he was more of an anti-villain with whom you could relate to.  The heart-shaped herb mixed with his training and motivation, plus the Golden Jaguar suit makes him a lethal villain he was obviously one of the best MCU villains when it comes to the way the character was written. And now that it is rumored that he is going to return in Black Panther 2 makes us more excited. So let’s check out these fun ways through which fans loved to troll Erik Killmonger that will make you laugh hard:

1. Hey Auntie!!

2. LOL!!

3. Wow!!

4. Haha!!

5. Exactly!!

6. Woah!!

7. LOL!!

8. Oh Yeah!!

9. Perfect!!

10. I Think We All Are In Love!!

11. Oops!!

12. Funny!!

13. True!!

14. Wow, Wow!!

15. Can’t Help!!

16. LMAO!!

17. Strong Ass Point!!

18. Hate Him, Love Him!!

19. What??

20. No Regrets!!

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