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Black Widow Doesn’t Answer A Big Question About Natasha From Endgame

Black Widow dived into Natasha Romanoff’s story while staying relevant to the present. We saw her reunite with her family and confront the secrets of her dark past. It’s in Marvel’s nature to throw a couple of Easter eggs in a movie every now and then, and Black Widow was no exception. The movie sheds light on the 2012’s Budapest mission that was mentioned in The Avengers. It also explained Nat’s ledger and the surprising twist of Dreykov’s daughter, Antonia, who was the Taskmaster. We also got to know why Nat’s costume was so dear to her in Infinity War. In the midst of all this, we thought that a big question about Natasha from Endgame will be answered. But Black Widow forgot to cover a Red Skull statement from Avengers: Endgame.

The Big Question About Natasha From Endgame

The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes make a plan in Endgame, called a Time Heist in a nutshell. In this heist, Natasha and Clint went to Vormir to retrieve the Soul Stone in the year 2014. When they reached there, they were greeted by Red Skull, much to their surprise. At this point, Red Skull knows about everyone’s past, especially those who come in search of the Stone.

Red Skull looked at Natasha and called her, “daughter of Ivan.” Natasha was particularly surprised because she had never known her father, let alone his name. So when Black Widow was officially confirmed, people thought that this thread would be covered in the movie. But it failed to do. Even though the movie was not about her origins, it still managed to give us a lot of information.

Black Widow Did Not Mention Natasha’s Father

Question About Natasha From Endgame

Black Widow did not mention Nat’s father even once, but her mother was given some weightage. It was revealed that Nat was taken away from her mother at birth when the Red Room identified her great genetic potential to be a spy. Her mother was paid off for life, but she did not stop searching for her daughter. As a result, Dreykov ordered Nat’s mother to be killed.

So if the movie dived so much into her past, a mention of her father would have only added another layer for good. Plus it bothers a bit more considering Black Widow covered so many previous references to Natasha’s past. And this time when her actual father, who in fact is the only one in her family to be is mentioned in the MCU could be explored.

It could be that Ivan died before she was born or he left before everything. Considering the latter, Nat’s dad is very well alive in the MCU and is unaware of her super-skilled daughter’s legacy. But now, Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff chapter in the MCU is over for now with the legacy passing on to her sister. Yelena Belova is set to appear in the upcoming Disney+ Hawkeye, courtesy of the post-credits scene and her links with Valentina.

Black Widow’s Family In The MCU

As Black Widow finally gave a memorial to Natasha, it now seems that the character has got a proper farewell. But before she leaves, the MCU did right by her side to tell the world that she, in fact, had two families to her name. In the movie, she reunites with her family which includes the Red Guardian, Melina, and her sister Yelena Belova. The movie covered the 1990s mission where the sisters were placed in deep-cover along with Alexei and Melina in Ohio.

Of course, after all the years, the relationship with them was stiff. But by the end, they all came together and Natasha felt content as seen. This prompted her to approach Rick Mason to get her the Quin Jet. That’s because she realized that she has another family, the Avengers, that needs to be saved. Through her time in the MCU, she has been the glue of the team. So if not for her father Ivan, she did leave the world with a handful of people to her name and it is the bright side of Black Widow.

Question About Natasha From Endgame

It was a fine moment when her distant deep-cover family came together to take down a common enemy. Melina, even though wasn’t her real mother, did affection towards her fake daughter. So the movie was all about Natasha’s journey up until Infinity War, and about her family, something that she was always deprived of. Nat’s chapter is over, but Black Widow will continue in Yelena’s shadow.

It’s sad that Black Widow did not answer a big Question about Natasha from Endgame. It would have needed just one line of dialogue. But I guess director Cate Shortland left that ambiguous as well.

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