10 Epic New Trick Arrows Hawkeye Made for the Season Finale

The Hawkeye finale blew our minds and it created a lot of interesting chaos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Part of the reason for it is the harmony that has been created between Marvel Disney+ shows and the movies. The Netflix shows were never truly inculcated in the Infinity Saga movies. But from Phase IV itself, MCU has made it a point to make the Disney+ shows an essential part of their storytelling process. Take, for example, Hawkeye, we got to see how the hero prepares for battle. Case in point, here are 10 amazing new trick arrows Hawkeye made for the season finale of his show.

Magnetite Arrow

Hawkeye used his intellect to craft an arrow that was capable of creating an electromagnetic field around it. Seems kind of useless until you realize that all traditional firearms are made of metal. We saw the arrow in action at the finale fight as Hawkeye used it to create a massive magnetic field around the ice rink. He successfully disarmed scores of tracksuits just by one arrow. Truly an Avenger-level play.


Pym Arrow V2

It seems that Clint was carrying Pym Particles of both notations, ergo the ones that enlarge and object and the ones that shrink it. He used the enlarging arrow to shake of Echo and her goons on the bridge but then Kate used the shrinking arrow to shrink a truck of tracksuits in the finale. The very truck was taken away by an owl shortly afterwords. It was interesting to see the Pym Arrow return with a different flair.


Sonic Arrow

New Trick Arrows Hawkeye Made

There was another arrow that came with much anticipation, it was the sonic arrow. It can also be called a sound bomb arrow or a flash arrow or a stun arrow. But it looks like the arrow utilizes short-range high-frequency sound waves to incapacitate enemies. Kate and Barton use these arrows in conjunction and takedown a whole group of thugs.

Air Bag Arrow

This one was quite a surprise, but it shows just how ingenious some of these arrows are. Air Bags are high-pressure cushions, they can absorb a lot of force but it is because they are capable of exerting a lot of force. Hawkeye custom-made an airbag arrow for the finale which he shot at the tracksuits and blew some of them into Outerspace.


Mace Arrow

Another example of Hawkeye’s clever brain. The Mace arrow is made from pepper spray and other assorted items. It is meant to be a variation on the poison and the mist arrow made with materials on hand. Theoretically, anything can be put into the arrow as long as it is an aerosol chemical ergo it has the capability to go airborne. We see this arrow decimating a group of tracksuits in Hawkeye Finale.


Tranq Arrow

The Tranq arrow is ripped from the book of a hunter. It is the practice of sly predators to slowly incapacitate their prey. Some do it with claws, others do it with the help of poison and other chemicals. We see Hawkeye use his tranquilizer arrow to put down a tracksuit in the Hawkeye Finale. Although it might have been more useful if Kate used it on Kingpin or Kazi.


Split Arrow

New Trick Arrows Hawkeye Made

We also saw a trick arrow technique by Hawkeye where he made 1 arrow split into three. It was one of the coolest moments of the finale. There was also the fact that Kazi catches the one aimed at him out of these three making the moment all the more cooler. We think the split arrow is the reference to Avengers and the battle of New York where Hawkeye employed similar tactics.


Electric Arrow V2

We also saw the return of one of the most beloved arrows from Hawkeye. When the Avengers fought Ultron Hawkeye used an electric arrow. Now it seems he has upgraded the design to the point that there is also a trapping mechanism that allows him to stun and capture his target. One would think that the new version is much better for nullifying threats from human opponents.


Drone Arrow

This arrow is peculiar but it made us laugh out loud when we saw it on screen in the finale. The arrow has a drone inside it which activates when the tip hits its target. This allows for the arrow to take flight along with the intended target. Clint uses it on a tracksuit but it can also be used to make objects fly away, like in a sticky situation. It is quite a useful tool, having a drone inside the arrow tip.


Freeze Arrow

Another arrow that comes right out of the pages of a comic book, the freeze arrow causes a rapid temperature drop in a small area. This causes instant freezing in that vicinity and could lead to interesting tactical choices. Hawkeye uses it to freeze a thug’s leg off but we could have thought about more ingenious uses.

Which of these new trick arrows that Hawkeye made were your favorites?

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