10 Films to Watch on Valentine’s Day For The Singles!

Valentine’s week is hard for the singles out there. While some of us succumb to the pressures of air filled with love and find ourselves a date to participate in the flowers-dinner-chocolates ritual, others don’t remove the masks and stay tight by their principles and spend a night by themselves, or celebrate Galentine’s with the gals! You order your favorite food, let me get your movie list ready.

 For the Self Partnered People

 1. How to Be Single

While most of the people are fighting to get a reservation at crowded restaurants on Valentine’s day, Alice learns to live the single life with Robin teaching her how to get free drinks, meet men if there’s a need to, and party wild in New York City. Take notes or find representation here.

 2. Seven Psychopaths

This whacky comedy with loads of dark humor centers around a dognapping gone completely wrong and a screenwriter finding himself in a scuffle with the underworld. If you’re into wacky comedy and own a ‘written and directed by Tarantino’ shirt, this movie is for you to enjoy by yourself on Valentine’s night.

 3. Gone Girl

Valentine’s Day Films For Singles

If you feel anything like you’re missing out on relationships or love or marriage, Gone Girl is the film you should watch. This film will make you paranoid about being framed for murder in love and have your senses teleported back to you. Gone Girl is a celebrated thriller which at its core reminds us that love isn’t always rosy, and feelings and actions in relationships aren’t always black or white, but grey.

 4. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

There’s nothing like a solo rerun of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This film is a reminder to all look stylish, no matter how difficult life gets. Also because “People don’t belong to people” needs to reach our brain more often than we like to think. You don’t have to hate the romantic in you, it is alright, and you’re allowed to watch this classic on Valentine’s Day.

 5. Eat Pray Love

This movie is best suited with a plate full of spaghetti and a heart that is full of love, light, and contentment. But even if it’s not, this movie will be a spiritual experience for you as you follow Julia Roberts as a woman traveling to Italy, India, and Bali and rediscover herself. She eats in Italy, prays in India, and has a love affair in Bali. But through it all, she experiences joy again. This film might also make you want to pack your bags and leave for that much-awaited solo trip.

 For the Galentine’s Group

 1. Booksmart

Bookworms Molly and Amy want to make out the most of their last night before graduation and go on to party on a yacht and watch porn at the backseat of a Lyft. They also run into their crushes in the most disastrous situations and somehow end up in a murder mystery dinner. It is a perfect high school comedy with a hint of emotion as the two best friends prepare to part their ways for college.

 2. 20th Century Women

Valentine’s Day Films For Singles
Valentine’s Day Films For Singles

One for the arthouse lovers, 20th Century Women is a story of a single mother in her 50s, a woman in her 20s, and a teenager. All these women have their own struggles, their own views about the world, as they try to make it a better space for each other. It is a heartwarming film and might make you cry a tiny bit.

 3. First Wives Club

When newly divorced old college friends reunite, revenge from their ex-husbands is all they have on their minds. This movie is a celebration of the lasting nature of female friendships, the longevity of which is much longer than marriages where the husbands might leave you for a younger and blonder woman.

 4. Hustlers

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After a financial crash, a strip club is in trouble and a few employees hatch a masterplan to scam wall street bankers out of millions. This cautionary feminist fable has four dangerously independent women who stand up to the system and take what they want.

 5. Magic Mike

Valentine’s Day Films For Singles
Valentine’s Day Films For Singles

This comedy-drama has a bunch of candies for your and your girlfriends’ eyes as you watch a 19-year-old Adam delve into the world of male stripping with guidance from Mike Lane, the one who has been in the business and thrived for 6 years.

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