Gone Girl

  • MoviesActors Career Doomed After Great Movies

    10 Actors Whose Career Doomed After Great Movies

    Hollywood is the greatest betting table of all time.  There have been several actors in the past and there would be several in the future, who will plan on making it big in this industry. Hollywood would never run short of talent, with people from all walks of life, coming to Hollywood and take a shot at the big cake.…

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  • MoviesFilms to Watch on Valentine’s Day

    10 Films to Watch on Valentine’s Day For The Singles!

    Valentine’s week is hard for the singles out there. While some of us succumb to the pressures of air filled with love and find ourselves a date to participate in the flowers-dinner-chocolates ritual, others don’t remove the masks and stay tight by their principles and spend a night by themselves, or celebrate Galentine’s with the gals! You order your favorite food,…

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