10 Major Parts In Movies and TV Shows Contributed By The Actors

An actor’s job expands over numerous avenues other than mugging up the scripts and acting out the dialogues. They have to get in their character’s shoes and understand their emotions and motivations. But sometimes these talents give more to a movie and don’t get acknowledged for it. It can be a profound idea, insight into the story, or a special prop. Whatever it is, these contributions end up becoming quite important for the film or TV series. So, here are the 10 major parts in movies and TV shows contributed by the actors.

The Shining

Parts Contributed By The Actors
Parts Contributed By The Actors

Danny wiggling his finger in front of the mirror wasn’t mentioned in the books. The young actor had improvised it while shooting which Stanley Kubrick loved so much that he couldn’t resist it. He decided to keep rolling it and projected Danny with psychic abilities whose finger was warning him about something bad.

Die Hard

The legendary Alan Rickman was meant to portray Severus Snape and born to bless Hollywood with his talents. He was young and fresh in cinemas while filming for “Die Hard”. Yet, he came up with a genius idea to give the terrorist Hans Gruber gentleman-like attire. The cold terrorist was supposed to look like a terrorist but Alan knew better than going conventional and impressed the director with his out-of-the-box thinking.

When Harry Met Sally

This rom-com is a classic hit already. But it was Sally’s fake orgasm that emerged as the most iconic moment in the film. In fact, the very booth at the restaurant where Sally made those noises has become a famous tourist spot. Turns out that this part wasn’t added by the scriptwriters but by the actress herself. They were having a meeting on the scene when Meg Ryan suggested the hilarious orgasm.

Toy Story 4

Parts Contributed By The Actors

Duke Caboom’s gloating his biking skills was a surprising comedic relief during the rising tensions with Gabby Gabby. These stunts weren’t part of the script initially. Thanks to Keanu Reeves’ imaginative mind that brought color into the moment. The actor literally gave a demo on it by climbing on a table and showing various poses.

Frozen 2

The credit to one of the profound songs in “Frozen 2” goes to actress Kristen Bell. Kristen said the same mantra that she uses for herself when low or in despair for her Disney character Anna. The actress tells herself “The Next Right Thing To Do” for self-motivation in real life. This life mantra ended up becoming a song in the film.

The Big Lebowski

It’s been about 23 years since the wildly hilarious movie released but its fans are still obsessed with the movie. Turns out that the movie didn’t have to spend much on the costume department. Jeff Bridges who played The Dude wore his own clothes for the most part of the film.

Star Trek

The Vulcan salute is a signature element of the classic Star Trek series. One might wonder if the popular hand gesture took a great deal of time and brains to invent this idea. Surprisingly, it wasn’t even mentioned in the script. The original salute made the character kneel down and wait for the other person to put their hands on their shoulders. Thanks to actor Leonard Nimoy who replaced it with a Jewish way of blessing he witnessed as a child.

Star Wars

No one was made for Marvel’s Nick Fury other than Samuel L. Jackson. Even Nick Fury agreed to it in the Comic books. The man knows what he wants and will make sure that it happens. During his time in the Star Wars, when Samuel L. Jackson was still young, he pushed the directors to give him a purple lightsaber. This change was a big deal in the franchise where colors define a character’s nominating nature- red for bad and blue for good character. But directed relented to his demand and gave him a purple lightsaber.

Doctor Who

Parts Contributed By The Actors
Parts Contributed By The Actors

David Tenant was supposed to wear boots as the titular character in “Doctor Who” according to the concept art. But the actor was hellbent on wearing his own pair of worn-down shoes for some reasons. After several rows of convincing and disagreements, the producers and director had to accede to his demands.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Parts Contributed By The Actors

The Master in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” had long and sleek hair in the concept art. Unfortunately for the creative team that spent hours on conceptualizing this form, actor Mark Metcalf took minutes to dismiss the whole idea. He suggested going with the bald look as a reference to Count Orlok from “Nosferatu”.

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