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  • TelevisionTV Actors Wanted To Kill Their Characters

    10 TV Actors Who Wanted To Kill Their Characters

    It’s one thing to leave a show, but a completely different thing to get your characters killed. What could possibly go wrong that these actors requested to finish off their TV series characters for good? At least you can still return if your character is faded out. But there is no return ticket once it dies. But these show stars…

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  • MoviesParts Contributed By The Actors

    10 Major Parts In Movies and TV Shows Contributed By The Actors

    An actor’s job expands over numerous avenues other than mugging up the scripts and acting out the dialogues. They have to get in their character’s shoes and understand their emotions and motivations. But sometimes these talents give more to a movie and don’t get acknowledged for it. It can be a profound idea, insight into the story, or a special…

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  • TelevisionTV Series Worst Spin-Offs

    10 Great TV Series That Had The Worst Spin-Offs Ever

    Sometimes the success of one project encourages the makers to reuse it. But are reused items always as effective as they were initially? No matter how great these TV shows were, they were not meant to have a spin-off. It was better to leave them alone and let them become the iconic classics that cannot be repeated. But these directors…

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  • News

    Fantastic Beasts: 5 Throwbacks To Doctor Who

    There are so many things about Doctor Who which are still unknown to you. Take a look at these 5 Ties to Doctor Who that you have missed for sure.  1) Back To America With Newt And The Doctor There is a sense that both Newt and the Doctor devote their energies into saving others as a way of escaping…

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  • Newsdoctor-who-season-9-episode-4

    Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 4: Best Moments 

    Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 4 is only one of those occurrences where you need to accept the way things are. Try not to attempt to understand it all, or you’ll drive yourself nuts. Is it true that it was entertaining? Alright, then that is what matters. All things considered, the ghost hologram was a bit unsurprising, and I’m over…

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  • Newsunder-the-lake-doctor-who

    Moments from Under the Lake: Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 3

    Under the Lake is episode 3 of season 9 of the Doctor Who series and is a prime example of what the old school Doctor Who is all about. This episodes contains a variety of ingredients that loyal fans of the series are sure to notice. Additionally, it’s also worth noting that Toby Whithouse, who has been absent since the…

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