Moments from Under the Lake: Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 3

Under the Lake is episode 3 of season 9 of the Doctor Who series and is a prime example of what the old school Doctor Who is all about. This episodes contains a variety of ingredients that loyal fans of the series are sure to notice. Additionally, it’s also worth noting that Toby Whithouse, who has been absent since the episode “A Town Called Mercy in 2012” is back on duties and brought a lot of ideas into this really satisfying and equally mystifying episode. Here is by review of the series. Don’t worry I made sure that I reevaluated this review to omit anything that would of spoiled the episode for those of you who have yet to see it. 

This episode is the first of a two-parter, similarly to what we saw with “The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Family.” As such, this allows for the opportunity for a lot of details to be set into place and during episode 3 we essentially get the opportunity to scratch the surface of these details. Even though the episode is part of a two-parter it wasn’t like a typical two-parter whose first episode would drag on rather slowly, Under The Lake pace was moving quite steadily. But regardless of its fast pacing, it’s still never less than interesting. 

For starters, it’s evident that a great deal of effort was put into diversifying the crew and into culminating a chilling and mystifying atmosphere. Furthermore the effort that the team put into diversifying the culminating a mystifying atmosphere is made even more evident, due to the fact that the base in question which is own by a big corporation, contains a variety of corridors that have been evidently run down. This in itself procures an atmosphere of intrigue and mystery, which furthermore adds to the overall chilling aspect of this episode. 

However, there are two things that really stood out about this episode besides the fact that the crew members evidently tried to procure a chilling atmosphere. The first thing that I realized as I continued to watch the episode is that Under The Lake progressed like an intriguing mystery. I felt like I was reading a classical mystery movie where the detectives gradually evaluates their clues which subsequently leads to another clue, as to which they gradually begin to reveal the untold story. Secondly, as mentioned before this episode is particularly chilling. The ghostly foes that manifests themselves add to this chilling atmosphere which seems right on par due to the fact that Halloween is just 4 weeks away. Ultimately, this episode leaves the story with unresolved situations and a cliffhanger that’ll surely keep you on your heels.

Aditya Goel

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