10 Incredible Fan Theories About Star Wars Episode 9

Star Wars: The Last Jedi was a sequel to ‘The Force Awakens’ directed by J.J. Abrams as Lucas Films decided to reboot the iconic sci-fi franchise. The first movie was more a rehash of ‘The New Hope’ with top-notch visual effects and traditional fanbase welcomed it as it brought the nostalgia of original trilogy.

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But ‘The Last Jedi’ was different in terms of pace and tone of a Star Wars movie, as a result, it split the fans into two groups. One section heaped massive praise on the movie and could not have enough of it, while the other section hated the movie as it departed from the Star Wars template built over a period of time.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi gave us more questions than answers. Why did Snoke die so soon? Why did Luke turn his back on the Force? How did Leia turn into Mary Poppins in the vacuum of space? What is the deal with Finn and Rose? Is the Kylo-Rey relationship moving towards an eternally doomed love story?

How will the Resistance fight back the First Order now? While no one can answer all of these questions, some incredible fan theories about Star Wars Episode 9 give us necessary insight as to what we may encounter in the future.

10. Kylo lied to Rey about her parents

Many theorized that Rey could have been the daughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Some said she was a Skywalker while others said she was born in the Midichlorians like Anakin Skywalker. But Kylo put all theories to rest when he said Rey’s parents were essentially nobodies.

But how can someone trust a guy that evil? This could be Kylo’s trick to make Rey join the First Order. Don’t trust her Rey we believe in you!!!

9. Enter The Knights of Ren

The Knights of Ren are elite Dark Force users that were trained by Luke and then Snoke in the ways of the Force. They are now led by Kylo Ren in their crusade against the Resistance.

But many fans were of the opinion that Kylo Ren could have killed the knights of Ren under orders from Snoke. If that is not the case, well then show them already!

8. There will be a time leap

After shooting for The Last Jedi wrapped, we came to know about the sad demise of Carrie Fisher aka Leia Organa of Star Wars lore. Episode 9 will have to make do without her. To explain her absence, a time leap of 5 to 15 years would be necessary.

Moreover, it will also give ample opportunity for the characters to evolve and change and show new sides to otherwise overlooked stories.

7. Broom Boy will be trained by Rey

At the end of The Last Jedi, a slave kid on Canto Bight is seen getting enticed with the stories of Luke Skywalker and the adventures of the Resistance. Rey used to be an orphan just like him. Both are Force Sensitive and want to be more than what they are.

Will this be enough for Rey to take Broom Boy under her wing? The last time a woman with position and power and a Force-sensitive kid came together, Luke and Leia were born. Will the same happen here too?

6. Poe will lead the Resistance

With Holdo dead and the possibility of a time jump allowing for the sending off of General Leia Organa, a big vacuum will be there among the Rebel leadership. Poe has made several horrible decisions in the past and has killed off a lot of his own guys.

But he has matured into a responsible and valuable member of the Resistance. It is Poe Dameron’s time to shine. He has demonstrated that he is more than a loyal soldier, he displayed leadership qualities and his time has come.

5. Luke Skywalker will return

When the greatest Jedi of the Galaxy disappears into thin air, we have to take his news of death with a pinch of salt. Luke could follow the same path that Yoda and Obi Wan Kenobi did.

A Force Ghost of Luke Skywalker could come to Rey’s aid and teach her the final third lesson coz as far as we can see, Rey had only two of the three lessons promised by Luke. He is the greatest Jedi that ever walked the Earth, he mastered all the special Force abilities. Well, we can’t imagine Star Wars movie without Luke Skywalker and his entry in episode 9 will be truly epic.

4. Rey and Kylo will hook up

The interstellar force calls were one indication. Rey wants Kylo to give up on his new ways while Kylo wants Rey to give up on her old ones. While they did fight on Snoke’s ship, fans still believe that Reylo is a possibility.

They will either end up fighting each other to death or end up making out on the battleground. Either way Reylo is very much going to happen whether you want it or not. Rey is on her journey to become a powerful Jedi and lead the resistance against dark forces, Kylo Ren is conflicted as he hated Snoke but has not fully embraced the path of light either.

3. Lando Calrissian will finally return

With Han dead, Luke gone and Leia no longer with us, the only guy that has any connections to the past movies is Lando Calrissian. In the novel Bloodline (set 5 years before the Force Awakens) of Star Wars expanded universe, Leia Organa was trapped in a political scandal when Lando came to her aid.

He was not seen in The Last Jedi because he was probably too far in the outer rims to answer the distress call. He will now.

2. Leia was supposed to be the Chosen One, not Luke

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We will let you in on an interesting fact: The Force Awakens was about Han Solo and The Last Jedi centered on Luke Skywalker. There is a popular fan theory that Episode 9 will follow the trend and focus on Leia, the third leg of the Star Wars’ Holy Trinity.

It will introduce startling revelation i.e Leia Organa was the child of the Jedi Prophecy and not Luke. It will be an incredible ode to the Former Queen of Alderaan. There is a reason why Leia did not die fighting, she is meant to fulfill the old prophecy.

 1. Snoke is still alive and well

How can the most dreaded Force user of the Galaxy and beyond be bested by a crybaby? It doesn’t make sense and fans have cried foul. But Episode 9 will help us put our doubts to rest. Snoke is theorized to be Darth Plagueis, a Sith that literally can control life and death. Or he could be just a Force Projection on The First Order ship. Some even claim Snoke just put his body back together (an exclusively Sith ability) after everyone left the throne room.

Kylo Ren has abilities to use Force to his advantage but Snoke has mastered the Dark side of the Force which is extremely powerful. There is a reason why he is known as “Supreme Leader”. He is the most terrifying adversary that the resistance could possibly imagine, he ain’t going down just like that. In fact, he will make Kylo Ren suffer a horrific fate for back-stabbing him.

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