Frozen 2

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    10 Major Parts In Movies and TV Shows Contributed By The Actors

    An actor’s job expands over numerous avenues other than mugging up the scripts and acting out the dialogues. They have to get in their character’s shoes and understand their emotions and motivations. But sometimes these talents give more to a movie and don’t get acknowledged for it. It can be a profound idea, insight into the story, or a special…

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    ‘Frozen 2’ Teaser Trailer Sets Another Incredible Record For Disney

    The first teaser trailer of Frozen 2 released a couple days ago has already broken an incredible record and we have to admit that writings were on the walls because we all knew somewhere deep in our hearts that this movie is going to break a lot of records but not many predicted that the trailer itself will begin with…

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    Frozen 2: Here’s What We Know

    “Let it go, let it go” … and no way we want to let it go. So here’s to all Frozen fans, a sequel is on the way and this time, it’s sooner than later, as confirmed by Disney. Disney has been pressured by Frozen fans to get the sequel finished as soon as possible. The production team is ardently…

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