The Shining

  • MoviesParts Contributed By The Actors

    10 Major Parts In Movies and TV Shows Contributed By The Actors

    An actor’s job expands over numerous avenues other than mugging up the scripts and acting out the dialogues. They have to get in their character’s shoes and understand their emotions and motivations. But sometimes these talents give more to a movie and don’t get acknowledged for it. It can be a profound idea, insight into the story, or a special…

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  • MoviesSecrets Hidden In Movies

    10 Mind-Blowing Secrets Hidden In Movies And Series That You Never Knew

    Unlike the ordinary audience, cinephiles know better than considering movies just a source of entertainment. Some of the brilliant minds of Hollywood will go beyond building a plot, casting good-looking actors, and adding visual effects. Their passion for art compels them to sneak in details that may be insignificant to mere entertainment seekers but will be a gem for pure…

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  • MoviesWarnings In Horror Movies

    10 Warnings In Horror Movies Hidden As Tiny Details

    Horror movies run on the fundamental idea of “the fear of the unknown”. It’s not the grotesque face that scares you but the fear of the unknown, not knowing who will pop up over the bed while you are looking under the bed is chilling. Horror cinemas use surprise elements, jump scares, and loud sounds to throw you off your…

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