10 Warnings In Horror Movies Hidden As Tiny Details

Horror movies run on the fundamental idea of “the fear of the unknown”. It’s not the grotesque face that scares you but the fear of the unknown, not knowing who will pop up over the bed while you are looking under the bed is chilling. Horror cinemas use surprise elements, jump scares, and loud sounds to throw you off your seats and scratch the person sitting next to you. But are these surprise elements really surprising? Turns out, the following movies foreshadowed significant events before the interval. Find out the 10 warnings in horror movies hidden as tiny details. These subtle details were smartly added in these films that only eagle-eyed cinephiles spotted. Hats off to the directors for this genius detailing and Easter egg!

The Others

Warnings In Horror Movies

“The Others” was a dark psychological thriller that stands as chilly even after 20 years. This tricky thriller is about a mother who moves into a new mansion with her photosensitive children. They spend most of their lives in isolation and away from the sun until some eerie events start occurring. During one of the scenes, Nicole Kidman’s Grace reprimands her daughter by saying “Stop breathing like that… Stop breathing!”. It later turns out that Grace had murdered her children by suffocating them with a pillow.

Shutter Island

The superbly mysterious movie began with Federal Agents Daniels and Chuck visiting a mental asylum for an investigation on a remote island. It was unlikely of a U.S. Marshal to fumble with a gun the way Chuck did. This moment should have already given away the plot twist. Chuck and Daniels weren’t Federal Agents indeed. While Daniels was a patient fighting hallucination, Chuck was his doctor.

Final Destination 5

Warnings In Horror Movies

The ending of Final Destination 5 caught us with its biggest plot twist. As the protagonists beat Death and go on to lead a new life by starting with Paris, they board Flight 180, the plane that explodes in the first Final Destination. Yes, it turned out to be a prequel that led to the chain of events. But a subtle detail had already indicated at its timeline. The license plates in New York had the Statue of Liberty on them. These plates with the Statue of Liberty were stopped being produced for more than ten years.

The Descent

The opening scene of the film shows Sarah dreaming of her deceased daughter blowing out birthday candles. If you notice carefully, she blows out precisely five candles one by one. These five candles represented each of her five friends who would meet painful death one after the other.


Your conscious mind always knew how the movie would end. When Brody was going through a book, there was a “see and you will miss it” moment when an illustration appears. It matched exactly how the shark was killed at the end of the movie.


In 2017 “It”, we see water dripping from the ceiling of Bill’s room. As it spatters over a sketch of Beverly, the red color gives an image of blood drops. By the end of the movie when Beverly wakes up in Its trap, someone’s blood drips over her cheek, reminding us of the sketch.

Fatal Attraction

Warnings In Horror Movies
Warnings In Horror Movies

Nobody saw this drama gradually turning into a dark and creepy thriller. Earlier in the film, Alex was telling Dan how much she loved animals and cooking. That sounds like a regular way of talking to your crush until the two interests get mixed. We discovered the extent of Alex’s obsession with Dan when she ended up boiling his daughter’s rabbit in a pot of hot water. Clearly, her idea of loving animals and cooking was different.

The Shining

The Shining is one of the creepiest movies where Jack Nicholson’s mere expressions still freak the heck out of us. He kind of squashed our dreams of spending winters on the mountains far far away from civilization. However, we do empathize with his “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” in 2020 with work from home. One of the most horrifying scenes was when Jack killed Dick Halloran with his ax. It was forewarned in an earlier when Danny’s teddy bear was lying flat on the exact spot where Dick gets murdered.

The Ring

The Ring foreshadowed its plot twists through several screens. The movie was not limited to that one Ring. We could see ring on clothes, rims of cups and glasses and many more things. In fact, right before Samara paid her visit to Noah, his coffee cup left watermarks on the paper. Perhaps it was Samara’s way of buzzing a ring. Ok. Sorry!

Kill List

Warnings In Horror Movies
Warnings In Horror Movies

If you have seen this 2011 psychological-thriller, you might remember how Jay, an ex-soldier who turned into a hitman, got stirred up in the domestic drama and tricked into killing his wife and son. The ending mirrored one of the earlier scenes where Jay and his family playing a war game. The film had given away the ending right at the beginning.

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