5 Terrible Things That Have Happened To Spider-Man

Spider-Man is one of the few superheroes who has really rotten luck. His villains don’t want to kill him, but also destroy his life. Here are five terrible things that have happened to Spider-Man:

Discovering Gwen Stacy’s Affair


Gwen Stacy was the love of Spider-Man’s life. Her death influenced him for a long time, so when he discovers that Gwen Stacy had an affair with Norman Osborn, you know that would be heartbreaking. Add to that Stacy and Osborn had twins who later on tried to kill Spider-Man and it just gets more terrible for the webbed one.

A Body Snatcher Situation


When Doctor Octopus discovered that he was dying, he schemed a plan that included a body switch with Spider-Man. The plan worked and Doc Ock was Spider-Man for a whole year. Peter Parker, stuck in a weak body had to witness his body committing murder but he also witnessed the brilliant doctor earning a doctorate and starting a tech company, all in his name. Although body snatching is unforgivable, it was a good thing for Spider-Man and Peter Parker in the end.

Spider-Man Was Buried Alive


The villain Kraven the Hunter tranquilized Spiderman during a fight and buried him in a grave. The hero spent two weeks underground before digging himself out. Kraven pretended to be Spider-Man during, this time, being especially brutal to petty criminals. He killed himself before being brought to justice.

His Pregnant Wife Gets Poisoned


Peter Parker married Mary Jane and got her pregnant in one story arc. The Green Goblin hired a woman to pose as a waitress at Mary Jane’s favorite coffee shop, and then as a nurse at the nearby hospital. She poisoned Mary Jane, which caused her to go into early labor. It was heavily implied at the time that this mysterious woman faked a miscarriage and kidnapped the actual baby.

Tricked Into Thinking That His Parents Were Alive


Peter Parker’s parents died when he was a child. They suddenly reappeared at one point during the 90’s, with claims of being in a foreign prison. Parker happily accepted them back into his life until he discovered they were actually just robot duplicates, created by the Chameleon and Green Goblin. This caused Parker to have a mental breakdown for a short time.

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