Every Way Doctor Strange 2 Could Bring Horror into MCU

Doctor Strange 2 bring horror into MCU: 

Doctor Strange 2 will be Marvel’s first film to involve horror aspects in it. Scott Derrickson joined the MCU because he wanted to make Doctor Strange a horror film. But then he wasn’t allowed to do that with the first one. He stated that he’d only do Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness if it were to be a horror movie. Later Kevin Feige came in to say that Doctor Strange 2 will not be a horror movie, but rather a film with “horror sequences”. So, that was probably it. One of the reasons why Scott Derrickson left. Anyway, in came a new horror director who could deliver exactly what Marvel wants. Sam Raimi is a great choice and here’s every way in which he could make Doctor Strange 2 horrific:

Multiverse Monsters & Demons

It is the Multiverse of Madness we’re talking about, so the multiverse could really introduce us to some horrific creatures of different earths. Shuma Gorath for instance is a Demon who is basically a giant scary eye with Tentacles. He is the Lord of chaos and the ruler of a hundred alternate universes. So he should definitely appear in Doctor Strange. Talking of demons, we have to have Mephisto in Doctor Strange at some point of time. So why not in the upcoming film that is supposed to have horror sequences?


Doctor Strange 2 Bring Horror into MCU

We’re gonna see Wanda in her true form as WandaVision will finally turn her into the Scarlet Witch. It’s likely that the Multiverse of Madness will be because of her, so we can actually get to see her being a part of some crazy horror sequences. Imagine what she did to Thanos, and only double the intensity of that. Lizzie Olsen can certainly scare some kids (probably adults like me as well). There’s also going to be Agatha Harkness, the follower of Nightmare. Being a witch, she could also be used for horror sequences.

Marvel Zombies

Back in 2019, we heard a rumor that Marvel Zombies could be involved in the film. It’d actually be a perfect opportunity as Marvel wants to make things scary, but obviously the horror has to be toned down for a PG 13 audience. So, Zombies could do that. We’ve already seen a Z-Iron Man in Spider-Man: Far From Home, so imagine other characters like that. A Zombie Captain America, Z-Doctor Strange & most importantly Zombie Hulk would scare the crap out of us.


Doctor Strange 2 Bring Horror into MCU

Nightmare is rumored to be the main villain of the movie. He is the lord of the Dream Dimension. Nightmares can actually be really scary, and this is a villain that can really torture Stephen Strange. Anything could happen in the dream dimension, and that’s the craziest part about it. So if Raimi & co play their cards right, they could use Nightmare really well.

Dark Dimension

With Clea being involved in the film, it is highly likely that we’d take another trip to the Dark Dimension in the film. Now this time, Doctor Strange creatives have the license to give us something scary. It means that we could actually get to see the real scary side of the Dark Dimension that was not seen in the first film. We could get to know why exactly the Dark Dimension taking over Earth was a really bad thing.

Blade & Vampires

Venom & Morbius Exist in Different Universes

Blade is going to arrive in the MCU at some point of time since he was locked in by Marvel last year. Kevin Feige confirmed that new characters are going to step into the picture and Blade has to be one of them. Doctor Strange 2 could set up his movie, and introduce us to another supernatural horror element, i.e. the blood-sucking Vampires. Perhaps the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness may cause Vampires to appear in the MCU all of a sudden.

Ghost Rider


Talking about new characters and horror sequences, Ghost Rider totally fits the bill. He is in fact rumored to be in the movie. After all, the Ghost Rider series on Hulu was canceled by Marvel for a reason. They obviously have plans for Ghost Rider to be in the movies. He might come in from a different realm of demons & other scary things while Doctor Strange 2 takes us on a tour of various dimensions in the Multiverse.

A Jump Scare from Deadpool

Doctor Strange 2 Bring Horror into MCU

Deadpool is also rumored to be in the film. With the kind of amazingly creepy face he has, he could step in out of nowhere (may be in a dark setting) and suddenly go “Boo” with his face coming on screen to scare everyone. It’d have people jumping out of terror and laughter. And with this little scene, we would get our first Deadpool appearance that will set him up for his own film.

Now obviously everything mentioned above cannot fit into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. That was probably the second reason why Scott Derrickson left. He probably wanted to make a horror film exclusively for Doctor Strange while Marvel wanted to extend the story of the MCU by including other aspects as well. With the horror reputation that Sam Raimi has, being involved with films like The Evil Dead, Don’t Breathe, Crawl, The Grudge, and others, he’d be absolutely awesome. And he has been successful with 2 out of 3 Spider-Man movies, so that’s a plus.

Doctor Strange 2 hits theatres on November 5, 2021.

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