Eternals Were Set Up by Iron Man 3 First In The MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is an intertwined world of overlapping references. The brain of Kevin Feige is so far ahead of us that we can’t start to fathom what is about to come as things go on. We say this because there are still references that we are only now catching in old MCU movies. Case in point, did you know that Eternals were set up by Iron Man 3? No Joke, keep reading and we will prove it to you.

The Eternals are an ancient race of immortal beings who have technological capabilities far beyond anything that the earth has seen. This makes them incredibly powerful and incredibly old. It also means that the Eternals have probably impacted our world in more ways than one since they have been here. There have been innumerable easter eggs with respect to the Eternals and celestial all throughout the MCU. But the one we want to discuss was only recently discovered by the fandom.


Eternals were Set Up by Iron Man 3

Before that let’s talk about all that the MCU has done to point towards the existence of these cosmic beings. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 1 & 2 gave us some of the most important details with regards to the celestial. In fact, until the discovery of the easter egg in Iron Man this was considered to be the introduction of celestials into the MCU. Guardians 1 took us to Knowhere which is a severed head of a celestial. We also got to see Eson the Searcher annihilating a civilization. Vol. 2 brought us face to face with a Celestial by making Ego the main antagonist of the movie.


Eternals were set up by Iron Man 3

Another reference in the MCU is about the eternal from Endgame. Gamora reveals to Nebula that she knows where the soul stone is. She even calls it the “Centre of Celestial Existence.” This is very interesting because it makes us believe that there is more to the MCU than the Avengers and the showrunners had decided to pursue it long before we had the chance to look beyond the current scope of things. Another example of this can be seen in Ragnarok.


Although it is pretty obvious that The Grandmaster is a celestial there is another Eternals reference in the movie. During the scene where Thor Hulk and Valkyrie try to escape through the wormhole, a ship can be seen flying in the background. This ship was compared to a ship from the Eternals comic and both the designs March up extremely well. Does this mean that the Eternals we’re there to see the matches? Who knows…


Eternals were Set Up by Iron Man 3

Regardless, there is a detail in Iron Man 3 that cannot be overlooked. Read it user u/Onepunchreality shared that there is something in Alridge’s explanation in Iron Man 3 that points towards the Eternals. There is a moment when Pepper is held hostage at which point the main villain explains that there is a slot in the human brain that shows that they are meant to be upgraded. The villain also mentions that this is where he derived his inspiration from. The Reddit user thinks this is an Eternals reference.


May the MCU Gods be kind

It is exceptional just how far the fans are willing to search to find things relevant to the current plot. Even more amazing is the fact that all of this could still be true. A lot of Eternals’ comic lore focuses on the potential of humans so it makes sense that the user would connect “potential for upgradation” to Eternals. Especially when the movie is about to release later this year. We think that the detail is material and we can only stand in awe of what the creative team at Marvel Studios has achieved.

The entire thing is quite peculiar when you consider that all of this was never noticed by anyone during the release of the original. I mean, all the pieces were there but we could not have known without knowing Marvel’s plans for phase IV. This is what makes marvel so strong in the film industry. They have their plans figured out for the next decade and because of that, they know what to add to current projects to make it all seem even more cohesive and interrelated than it already is. What do you think about all this? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC and Hollywood.

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