Here’s How Eros Knows Thena In MCU’s Eternals

Eternals was another attempt by the Marvel Cinematic Universe to introduce us to rather obscure characters who haven’t really played any significant role in the comics. Kevin Feige has done this with past projects like Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Guardians of the Galaxy too. It is rather surprising to see how they are able to shed a whole new light on rather obscure characters and put them in front of the public. The movie introduced us to 10 characters as the protagonist and at the same time acted as a vehicle for certain other interesting characters. While Eternals managed to set introduce Eros, the writers of the film have given some explanation for how Eros knows Thena. 


The critical response for the latest Marvel film was rather poor and it seems that it failed to deliver a proper narrative in order to justify itself being part of the larger narrative of the MCU. There were many changes that were made to the narrative that shifted from the source material of the comics. We find out later in the movie that the Eternals were a unit sent on Earth to protect humanity from the Deviants while making sure that the life force keeps on growing. 


Similar to them, various other units also exist in other such planets that make sure of the same duties provided by the Celestials. While not much is indicated about the other groups that are following the same orders under the Celestials, we do get to see one other Eternal make an appearance. The post-credits scene showed us Harry Styles’ Eros who might be playing quite a significant role in the future of the Eternals movies. But the knowledge of Mad Wy’ry amongst the Eternals on Earth and Eros speaking of the Thena of legends has us wondering if there’s some other link between the Eternals on Earth and the other units.


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How Eros Knows Thena

In an interview with The Direct, Eternals screenplay writers Ryan and Kaz Firpo dropped some perspective on how Eros might have been aware of Thena even though no such connection was mentioned throughout the movie. They have always been quite outspoken about the project and this has allowed us to gain some idea about how the writers might have worked on the narrative.


According to Ryan:

I think that on each individual mission, they were not—they don’t have any memories of communicating with other Eternals, I guess that’s what I would say. Maybe it happened on other planets. Maybe they even got swapped, and they did other missions on other planets with a different group.


Eros Deleted Scene

He continued:

But they don’t have any memory of that because their memories are wiped between each mission. So they were clearly aware that there were other Eternals out there. That’s built into their whole deal. But I don’t think they were in active communication with them.


How Eros Knows Thena

These are some interesting ideas considering it’s fairly obvious there might have been various circumstances that these teams might have been swapped over the years. There might have been units that comprised of a different arrangement of the individuals than the one we got to see, even though none of this was implied in the movie. There are various other theories surrounding the Eternals and there’s a chance we will get to explore them in the sequels and other movies that continue this narrative.


If the Eternals go around different places in the Universe to find other such Eternals so that they can make them aware of these true plans then they will definitely need a backstory in hand to establish a connection. This will definitely require some sort of communication means so that they can actually establish a link with the other units. Maybe this communication will become a rather important part of what we get to witness next in the narrative.

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